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2019 Trending Agbada Styles For Men

2019 Trending Agbada Styles For Men

2019 Trending Agbada Styles For Men You Need to Try.

Yes! You must love these 2019 trending agbada styles for men if you’re a true fan of the beauty of African cultural attires.

Agbada is a four-pieces male attire found among the young and old, mostly among the Yorubas, Hausas as well as other tribes in South-Western Nigeria; not leaving out Republic of Benin.

A typical agbada styles for men consists of a relatively large, free-flowing outer robe known as awosoke in Yoruba, an under vest which takes different styles of either long or short sleeves, and relatively long trousers as well as a hat which is optional.

2019 agbada styles for men

2019 agbada styles for men

The outer robe-from which the entire outfit derives the name agbada, meaning “voluminous attire”-is a big loose-fitting ankle-length garment. It has three sections: a rectangular centerpiece, flanked by wide sleeves.

The centerpiece-usually covered front and back with elaborate embroidery-has a neck hole (orun) and big pocket (apo) on the left side. The density and extent of the embroidery vary considerably, depending on how much a patron can afford. There are two types of undervest: the buba, a loose, round-neck shirt with elbow-length sleeves; and dansiki, a loose, round-neck, sleeveless smock.

Prior to this era, agbada wasn’t really common among the younger Africans. But in recent times, much more modernized styles have emerged thanks to the high level of creativity in African stylists.



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