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4 Secrets To Wearing Red Lipstick Perfectly

4 Secrets To Wearing Red Lipstick Perfectly

Red lipstick is classic, glamorous and easy to pull off. Red is a shade we choose when we want to stand out and feel confident. Whether you are planning a romantic date night or having fun with you friends, there is nothing better than a red lip. Red lip products comes in many different shades and formulation, choose a nice lined lipstick for a natural, classic or long-lasting look.

Women who wear red lipstick look so vibrant, so chic and so daring. Red lipstick makes you feel all kind of things about yourself and place in the world. You might be thinking wearing a lipstick is just by applying and off you go. No! You need to guide yourself and make it look perfectly.

These secrets will help you wear it perfectly.

1~ Exfoliate

Have you ever noticed your lipstick bleeding around the contours of your lips ? It happens when you have a dry lips. So it is important to keep them hydrated. Exfoliating your lips with sugar and hydrating with lip butter is the best, before you use your lipstick. Red lipstick looking best on smooth, hydrated lips.

2~ Define your lips

Use a lip liner that is similar in colour to your lipstick. Defining your lips will give your lips natural definition. Line and fill in your lips with the same shade to help create a kiss-proof fin.

3~ Use a lip brush

For the most precise look use a good lip brush to apply your lipstick. The brush will make it easier to colour inside your lip pencil line.

4~ Set it and Go

For a matte stay-put pucker, finish your red lipped look with a little loose finish powder. You can use your finger to gently dab it over your lipstick.

There is a sexier feeling when you wear a red lipstick.

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