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5 Fashion Lessons We Never Expected To Learn From Toke Makinwa

5 Fashion Lessons We Never Expected To Learn From Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa may be known for her ultrasexy look, but behind her body-baring outfits is some surprisingly practical fashion savvy.  Even if you aren’t interested in trying Toke’s classy dresses or edgy street style look, there are still solid lessons to be learned.

Toke has spent the last few years streamlining her style with the help of her stylist, Harvella and her makeover has inspired us to take a closer look.

We know there’s reason behind every sheer dress or floor-dusting dress we’ve spotted Toke wearing,  and we’re doing our best to study up.  So, before you write off her look as simply classy,  step back and take a second to admire the 5 things this style setter has taught us about fashion.

1. Never Fear the Crop Top



Toke is no stranger to rocking the crop top, and we can see why. The subtle hint of stomach offers just the right amount of sexysexy when paired with something high-waisted.

2. Try Head-to-Toe Coordination

Fashion lessons from Toke Makinwa


If you’re really looking to stand out from the crowd, choose one colour and wear it head to toe. Toke’s dress, hand bag and strappy silver sandals didn’t feel matchy-matchy; instead, they came together for a cool monochromatic combination.

3. Be Sexy Yet Sophisticated





Green dress with high slits can still feel sophisticated when paired with more demure pieces like these pink leather gem detail mules.

4. Take a Chance on Trends

We all know trends come and go, but you don’t have to blow your shopping budget on every fleeting style. Find a single seasonal trend — like Toke’s devotion to neon animal prints jumpsuit — that really works for you and own it.

5. Lingerie And Latex Pants Are Totally Acceptable



Any great outfit can benefit from a little extra bling. Don’t underestimate the power of  lingerie or latex pants when throwing together your next look.

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