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5 Stylish Agbada Styles That Will Make You Standout

5 Stylish Agbada Styles That Will Make You Standout

Fashion is something that gives pleasure. Agbada is men native wear in Africa. One way men make powerful statement is with their stylish design. Agbada is a full formal attire that consists of 3 pieces of clothing : a pair of tie-up trousers that narrow towards the ankles, a long-sleeved shirt and a wide open-stitched sleeveless gown.

Nigerian men without any doubt have a good sense of fashion. They are proud of their traditional clothes and can teach any other country to wear native attire with such elegance. It is usually decorated with intricate embroidery, and is worn on special religious or ceremonial occasions.

This traditional piece is not exclusive to the yoruba, also being found in other parts of Africa as well. Fashionable men may add an accessory to the this stylish piece. Agbadas are a statement making fashion ensemble especially when donned properly with the right accessories and footwear.

The agbada is a common party styles for men and they often find creative  and stylish ways to make it standout. The photos below are proof.

Agbada styles

Stylish Agbada styles for women

 Stylish Agbada styles

5 Stylish Agbada That Will Make You Standout

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