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5 Vaginal Odour You Should Not Ignore-Why Does My Vaginal Smells?

5 Vaginal Odour You Should Not Ignore-Why Does My Vaginal Smells?


Why Do My Vaginal smells So Badly?

While it’s absolutely natural for every female to have some sort of natural aroma from the vaginal. A strong odour, however, can be a sign of an infection.

According to a gynaecologist, a certain vaginal discharge or odours can indicate a serious infection- particularly when accompanied by a change in colour, amount and consistency of vaginal discharge.

Here are the symptoms or smells you should not ignore whether your scent is supernormal, or soured and in need of emergency treatments.

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1. Fishy

According to a gynaecologist, if your vagina gives off a strong, fishy odour that smells bad, chances are you might be suffering from an infection. Sometimes if the odour increases right after sex, or accompanied by an increase in discharge, it could be bacterial vaginosis a condition whereby, there’s an overgrowth of bacteria that upsets the vagina’s delicate PH balance, which can be treated with antibiotics. Probably, if you noticed vaginal itching, green discharge, or pain when you pee, you could have trichomoniasis, a common sexually transmitted disease. This infection can lead to hormonal disruptions, chronic disease, and reproductive and developmental problems as well as a risk of ovarian cancer. Either way, it’s advisable to see your doctor for treatment.

2. Bleachy

According to women’s health expert Jennifer Wider, M.D, lubricants or condoms can contribute to this smell, mostly, women liken to chlorine or bleach. Luckily, it’s not something to worry about than to visit your doctor for a medical checkup.

3. Yeasty

Normally, there’s a small amount of yeast present inside the vaginal, yeast infection occurs when there are too many yeast cells growing in the vaginal- mostly caused by a yeast called candida albicans. When you notice itching or soreness in the vaginal and sometimes pains or burning when you urinate or have sex, that may be a serious sign of yeast infection.

4. Musky

When you have a healthy vagina, its scent can change, sometimes based on your activity level. For example, after a long time at the gym or work, you may detect a stronger or muskier smell due to moisture released by sweat glands in the surrounding of the vagina. While this is 100 percent normal, any smell that bothers you enough that wants to make you cover up warrant you to visit a doctor for a proper check-up, just in case something more serious is up. Most of the ordinary or intolerable change could be an infection.

5. Itching

Your vaginal cleanses its self naturally-and it has its own natural smell. But if you notice a stark difference or foul smell in your odour, then you may be experiencing a sign of a potential problem. Itching, irritation and of course unusual discharge are all sign that you may have a vaginal infection. The best thing to do is, visit your doctor for a proper treatment.

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