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5 ways to identify fake human hair.

5 ways to identify fake human hair.


Buying Human hair is indeed an investment. However, it’s quite disappointing when you excitedly spend your hard-earned money on some hair bundles only for you to find out that it’s fake. I feel your pains.

This articles will put you through on how to identify fake human hair ASAP.


Ever heard “if it’s too cheap, then it’s fake?” Yeah, that applies here too. Even if it’s a giveaway, when it’s overtly cheap, then it’s probably fake. However, this does not mean, if it’s overtly pricy then it’s original, it should simply be moderately priced. Getting aware of how much such a product quality should cost also helps, cause if it’s genuine then the seller would want to get value for the product.


Cutting a few strands of the hair and putting it on a burning flame. Real hair burns with white smoke and turns to ash immediately while fake hair will most likely burn with a smelling black smoke and turns into a sticky texture afterwards


Authentic human hair tends to be soft, shiny and durable to the touch unlike synthetic or fake that has a different harsh feel to it. You should take your time to feel the product you’re buying to avoid making costly mistakes. Real human hair has a bounce to it that cannot be mistaken. If it’s stiff, then it’s probably fake.


All hair tangles of course, but real human hair will tangle moderately. When it starts to get excessive, be concerned. Excessive and frequent tangling is a sign that you’ve been sold a fake.


This too can happen with human hair, but when it gets excessive, it really is not genuine. If when combing through and a major chunk of the hair keeps falling off, then you surely have been sold a fake. Cause excessive tangling can result in excessive shedding. Which are both signs of that its fake.
Hope these few tips help prevent you from falling prey to the excessive fakes everywhere in the market these days.

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