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7 Ankara Jumpsuit Styles For Fashionistas

7 Ankara Jumpsuit Styles For Fashionistas

Stunning Ankara Jumpsuit Styles For Fashionistas

Ankara fabric has definitely upgraded from the normal skirt and blouse or Iro and Buba styles, now fashion designers have different ways to create styles for every fashionistas.

Jumpsuits are everywhere right now and it’s a statement style. It’s turning out to be a wardrobe staple among fashionable ladies as it provides a dose of something different. When you need an effortless and chic ensemble that is both graceful and fashionable a jumpsuit is your answer. It provides your wardrobe with a bit of twist, striking the balance as the fabulous statement,or the playful silhouette you can rely on that can carry you through the entire day.

You can never go wrong with a well tailored ankara jumpsuit. It’s stylish and convenient one-piece outfit for slaying without stress. With the all-in-one ensemble at the heart of your outfit, all you need to think about are your shoes, bag and a few carefully considered accessories. Ankara jumpsuits are everywhere, be a beauty with some prints and bright tones. Check the following jumpsuit styles you will look stunning in.

1 Off-shoulder jumpsuit styles

Ankara jumpsuit styles for fashionistas


This off-shoulder style is a must-have for every fashionista, it can be worn to any event including a wedding party.

2. Go Bold with the sleeves

Latest Ankara Jumpsuit




A statement sleeves can change your entire look,  don’t be afraid to go bold with your sleeves.

3. Makt it simple but significant

Ankara jumpsuits





Seems  Ankara fabric tend to have bold, bright, and noticeable colors, . It is better to opt for simple look just like this design.  I love the black details on the hands

4. Pattern Clashes Are Acceptable

Ankara jumpsuit styles









If you’re feeling like a diva and want more edgy sex appeal, ditch the neutral colors and go for some pattern mixing instead.

Often your fashion palate turns to solids when choosing something to pair with your Ankara designs. However, pattern mixing is acceptable and a simple way to appear trendy and stylish.

Your jumpsuit styles  should  be paired with an accessory that is simple and bold such as a bangle bracelet or cuff. Also, consider choosing one or two colors from your floral pattern dress and matching all your accessories to those shades.

5. Go with high heels





While jumpsuits can be flattering, they also have a knack for pulling the eye downwards as you look at them, making you appear shorter than what you are. Wide leg and low-waisted jumpsuits, in particular, are notorious for turning average height women into mini versions of themselves. One of the best ways to combat this problem is by adding a pair of high heels to your look.

6. select a straight to wide-legged style.





Jumpsuits with straight or wide legs are the easiest to pull off. The one thing to be most careful about in wearing a wide-leg jumpsuit is the hem length, especially if you’re short in stature. The jumpsuit’s hem should hit just right at the tops of your feet, just like this look on Big Brother Naija star, Ifuennada.

7. Show some major cleavage with your style 



A deep, plunging neckline is hella sexy, but it’s also great for breaking up a graphic all-over print. Use a short necklace, bold earring, or face-framing hat to help draw the eye up, away from your cleavage.

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