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7 Lit Ankara Styles From The Street Of Instagram. (Fashion bloggers included)

7 Lit Ankara Styles From The Street Of Instagram. (Fashion bloggers included)

Laaaaaadies, get in here there are some pickings to do. Fashion bloggers are sometimes seen as the fashion gods, trend setters and stylists. Admit it, they define and inspire things we wear sometimes and it can only be fair that we fashion sites collate their best outfits once in a while and inspire you. Now in today’s edition of Ankara dress codes, these are the Ankara styles from fashion bloggers who does it more than we can.

Some are the latest ankara styles 2019 edition, some might be from time in the past but they are still golden.

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Now, the ankara styles pictures.

Chic Ama’s Evergreen Ankara Styles

Chic Ama's ankara styles

Ok, getting over Chic Ama’s blog whenever we think fashion is nearly impossible because the fashion icon with the question mark is the plug for everything fashion.

On her IG page, she has debuted another to-die-for Ankara style

, she dashed this particular one with Egyptian wrist cuffs and collar designs.

Chic Ama's ankara styles

Days ago also, she let us into how good body works can fit your cloth and give you an edge over ladies without thick shapes and all.

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Reminisce To Tonto And Back.

Tonto Dikeh Ankara styles

Let’s do a 4 weeks throwback to when king Tonto served a hot look, representing the friend goals with Ankara styles alongside her friend. We got jealous and intimidated, it took us four weeks to air our feelings, and we love it.

Yemi Alade, The Mama Africa And Lover Of Ankara Styles

Yemi Alade's Ankara styles

If you ain’t doing it like she does it, go home.

Yemi represents the afrcian print wholeheartedly without a second thought. She is the plug for all Ankara styles whenever you need inspo.

We cannot collect all the times she proofed beyond doubts that she is the go to for lit prints, so we are just giving you 2 of her epic Ankara moments.

You Will Love To ‘Cuppy’ This Ankara Style, I Promise You

DJ Cuppy Ankara styles

DJ Cuppy isn’t one to be identified with styles in this category. She is more like sharing same category with the likes of Simi, but when she appeared and slayed for her spot with this version of Ankara, we stood literally.

It’s epic to see she has breaking the boundaries of her street and casual wears, where she mostly feel comfortable at.

Simi? Really?

Simi's ankara styles

Just when we thought that Simi can’t go beyond the ripped jean and big t-shirt circle, she took the most lit creative Ankara style to the stage and represented the entire squad like she own it.

This might not suit well for the everyday outfit, but definitely it caught our eyes. Though if you need another proof to fall in love with Simi’s ankra style, this should change your mind.

Simi's ankara styles

Chidimma Ekile is a shade of cute with this Ankara style

Chidimma's ankara styles

If you stay focused, Chidimma will teach you how to rock Ankara with spaghetti sleeve tank top and white sneakers. And if you pay more attention, you will find out that for you to replicate her style, not only you must choose an eye-catching color, but you must keep it closely fit and a bit hanging to get the real seductive looks.

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