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8 Myths About Natural Hair You Should Ignore Today.

8 Myths About Natural Hair You Should Ignore Today.

Natural hair is a hair treated without the use of chemicals or relaxers.
Alot of people have natural hair which they care for. Some would take care of their natural hair it woul turn heads. Some are scared to journey into natural because of the myth about it.
There have been stories about natural hair that discourage women from either transitioning or starting again. These myths are what you should know right now !
Here are 8 natural hair myths you should believe

1~Hard to manage
Natural hair is not hard to manage with the right counsel and hair regime, you’re good to go!

2~Hair types determines hair success.
Absolutely not true,whether it is 4a,4b or 4c with great care your hair will be a success.

3~You don’t have to wash it often .
You do have to wash it often. If you’re not on any protective style,try to wash it once in a week.
Of course ,you would love a neat hair.

4~Trim for growth.
Trimming your hair isn’t actually for growth.It’s only done to untangle your hair when it frizz.

5~Natural hair aren’t professional.
Not true! There are different ways to style your natural hair for professional purpose.

6~Air drying is the best way to dry it.
You can also blow dry your natural hair and it will be alright. Air drying isn’t necessarily the best.When you need to Dry your hair immediately after washing then air drying can’t be the best method.

7~Protective styles grows the hair.
Protective styling only allow the hair grow because you don’t comb it regularly and all that.
However, there are some protective styles that cut the hair, especially when they’re done to trigger the Loss hair.

8~Natural hair doesn’t grow fast
It even grows faster than relaxed hair considering the absence of chemicals,however if you don’t take care of it this myth may just reflect.
Take care of your natural hair and ignore those myths. Your hair is your crown.

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