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A Look Into Beyonce’s Outfit In ‘Spirit’ Music Video.

A Look Into Beyonce’s Outfit In ‘Spirit’ Music Video.

Would you ever think queen Beyonce will go from flawless to having trouble getting you to like her outfit off the ‘spirit’ video? I bet you’ll never.

So if you get hit by her outfit choice from the music video. It shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Days ago, we released a completed blog post pointing fingers at her album and how it well sent love to Nigeria.

And the album didn’t just send love, it took the Afro beat A’ list singers to the world. We’re secretly hoping Grammy comes from this.

As we hope for the best to come from this international collaborations, we will be capturing the beautiful moments of her energy-filled scenes that introduced the outfits that everyone is talking about.

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The Outfits That Fits

Beyonce spirit video outfits

Beyonce made her first appearance in the music video in a pink and wine colored valentino satin ruffled gown while singing the first words of the song.

Though barefooted, her ear was embellished with a gold clolored hoops earings, the type that refocuses your attention to her face.

A Look Into Beyonce's Outfit In 'Spirit' Music Video.

In her second appearance she was clad in a full length perfect-fitting blue gown with hood that gave off her shape and reminded her fans what she’s made of.

Beyonce spirit video outfits


In her 3rd appearance, she had switched from hot blue body fitting gown to a white and black patterned gown. One you could consider as a representation of a Senegalese designer, Tongolo.

The Tongolo designer’s outfit was a custom bustier suit with a presence of durag, perfect for hair cover when close to deserts.

The outfit was complimented with Cairo face piece and earrings, thanks to Beyonce’s stylist, Zerina Akers and her choice.


Beyonce spirit video outfits

Beyonce also made a short appearance in a red engaging gown that exposed her thighs. Though, really short, it could take a rewind to observe the features.

It is worthy to note that queen B kept it African with the presence of the Swahili lavish which ushered in the song’s first part and notion behind the song.

Also, Beyonce proved to us in one of the spirit music videos that being a perfect fashion icon can be relative. Two persons can rock the same style but one might take the lead for “who wore it best”

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The mother of 3 and wife of the rapper billionaire wore in one of the scenes, a lemon green strethy full gown by Norma Kamali, but she outshined her dancers and made it look like they were invisible to us all.

Africa to the world.

Two Afrobeat dancers, Stephen Ojo and Caleb Bonney made appearances in the video, and that defined the influence of the African art on the album.


At 3 minutes and 8 seconds into the video, Beyonce introduced an adorable blue fringe jumpsuit by Laurel DeWitt, with energetic moves that would go on to end the music video, the designs of the outfits were in full exposure, given space for its beautful designs.

Beyonce spirit video outfits

One of the lit Beyonce’s outfit off the spirit video is the full beaded gown that gave fame to La Falaise Dion’s Lagbadja face cover.

The fashion stylist behind this design took to twitter to express her uncaged happiness that could only come from Beyonce rocking your design.

“My dream come true today” – La Falaise Dion

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