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Adesua Etomi graces the cover of Vogue magazine (photos)

Adesua Etomi graces the cover of  Vogue magazine (photos)

Adesua Etomi becomes the first Nollywood actor to feature in Vogue Magazine

The phenomenal actress got featured in the latest Vogue magazine that covered 14 superstars from 14 countries titled “The Global Actors who know No Limits” alongside stars like Scarlett Johansson, Vanessa Kirby, Gonzalez, Doona Bae and many more.

The gathering of these actresses over the course of a long, convivial weekend, the magazine says, feels like a sign of a different kind of political and cultural movement. The women who were assembled together live in places like Berlin, Seoul, and Shanghai. Massively famous in their home countries, and, in many cases, well on their way to that kind of fame in countries we more typically think of as entertainment powerhouses. But bringing them together, the magazine reads, is not intended to make a statement about crossing over from the periphery to the center, it is about the center which is everywhere and nowhere at once.

The magazine talks of Adeswa Etomi as more of a third-culture kid, born in Nigeria and raised mainly in England, revealing how she went to school in Coventry, studied drama at university of Wolverhampton. Towards the end of 2012, and in the past 6 years or so she has become one of the biggest stars in Nollywood. “I love, love, love Nollywood “ the actress says brightly over tea and biscuits at the shoot. “I feel like she’s my baby and it’s my responsibility, along with a lot of other performer, to grow her.”

The magazine concludes by stating “ For the women in these pages, and with any luck for many more, the working world is shifting, fermenting, maturing. There is a feeling that something new will come out of this moment; that it will be imaginative and energetic and various, and that it will happen everywhere.”

We couldn’t be more proud of this African beauty.

Adesua Etomi graces the cover of  Vogue magazine (photos)

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