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Ankara Designs Vs. Foreign Designs.

Ankara Designs Vs. Foreign Designs.

Ankara designs vs foreign designs? which one is the day saver? Well ankara is ours and we are unapologetic about it.

All we can do is own it over any other fashion style or trend. The revolution of the ankara style and its dominance in the global fashion industry is a surreal that we live for real.

Nothing beats your style, the true African designs, inspired by African prints and culture. Originally the designs are limited to cloths for events like weddings, naming ceremonies with the tag name ‘Aso ebi’.

But in recent times, the prints and designs have been extended into bags, shoes, belts, beads and beyond.

This our very own design have replaced any existing designs of the old, making ankara the numero uno in the African inspired fashion designs.

Gone are those days we take pride in wearing French cuts, English or other designs from the foreign land just to look urbane and voguish, now any lady without ‘tons’ of ankara cloths, beads, shoes or the likes is a boring dresser.

African fashion houses, fashion designers from the streets to the runway down to any other part of the continent picks designs from different African cultures, sews them into any foreign prints to blend and mix Africa into other cultures.

We can see on some of the pictures below on how the ankara prints and designs have been used to represent other foreign cuts.

Dior Ankara design

Dior Cruise 2020 Collection

Ankara school bags ankara blazers with plain trouser ankara eye glasses ankara wallets for men

It is accepting how we have kicked out the cultures of our colonial fathers to bring to light the designs born from our culture, this can only prove to mean acceptance of who we are and the pride in what we represent.

We surely know when and how the ankara design sneaked into the African fashion catalogue, how it stood the intimidation from foreign prints and became a monument in the world of fashion both home and abroad.

What we do not know is how far and how well it is yet to travel.

Do you think that the African prints and the ankara designs will stand the test of time?


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