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Wondering what April fool makeup looks like? It’s okay to wonder if actually, you were wondering.
Now tell me how you would feel if you paid for a 2019 Labogini Huracan, and 1971 Volkswagen Beetle is delivered to your home. Sad right? That’s exactly how most men feel like when they see ladies with heavy and smashing makeup, only to their bewilderment, the lady’s reality is extremely far from her appearance.

For most women, makeup is an important tool in their everyday beauty arsenal. From eyeliners to lipsticks, to blushers. Rather than keeping it on the beautifying level, some would rather use makeup unapologetically, for a total disguise.

DISCLAIMER: We do not intend to attack your style of makeup. This is just for fun, and nothing more. And if you do find yourself among the pictures, do let us know your take; we will not hesitate to act.

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