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BBNaija Housemate Khafi, the Loner

BBNaija Housemate Khafi, the Loner

The excitement has continued in the Big Brother Nigeria house. Housemates are knowing each other more. While some are getting along so well, others are not. For Khafi of the BBNaija House, getting along has been a big problem for her.

Khafi went emotional over her inability to get along with her fellow housemates and fans of the show are worried.

Khafi is 29 years old and likely among the oldest housemates in the BBNaija house 2019. According to her story, she is a Nigerian from Ekiti State who lives in London UK. Khafi is a police officer in London and she hopes to become the first female to win the Big Brother Naija Show.

With this striking profile, she definitely is one lady to watch out for in the BBNaija house.
But why is she not getting along with her fellow housemates as others are?

Most members of the BBNaija house consider Khafi as a big threat to their ambition. She is obviously not in the BBNaija house to have fun like others instead she has her heart and eyes on the grand prize.

She is conscious of the fact that no female has won the show before so it is her chance. Perceiving her as a likely threat might be the reason why she is not so welcomed by other housemates.

It is in the character of groups and team members that members who seem to have a head taller than everyone else are pulled down or even out.

Whether her antagonist will succeed to put Khafi to where they think she belongs remains a question for time to answer.

Khafi, BBNaija

Not One of Them
Khafi lives in London, United Kingdom and that is one factor that matters a lot in a competition dominated by people who reside in Nigeria the host country.

The last winner of the BBNaija show was resident in Nigeria just like many others so how can Khafi hope to win when she does not live within Nigeria?

It is obvious that members will begin the elimination themselves from within, removing those they consider as threats or making their lives quite unbearable and vulnerable.

The writer of the 48 laws of power once wrote that “isolation is dangerous”, so living Khafi isolated both emotionally and physically might just be a ploy to make her vulnerable and if possible evicted.


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