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BBnaija’s house mate Ifu Ennada shares her Virginity, rape and depression

BBnaija’s house mate Ifu Ennada shares her Virginity, rape and depression

BBnaija’s housemate Ifu Ennada shares her Virginity, rape and depression story.

BBnaija’s housemate Ifu Ennada took to her Instagram page to share her Virginity, rape and depression story.

Ifu wrote; “My Virginity Story Rape & Depression. When I was in the Big Brother House emotions were raised when during a Truth or Dare game I said I’d not really had sex.

The truth is in 2016 I was raped by someone in the Entertainment industry, before then I was a virgin. This person also infected me with an STI… I was also threatened by this person and was very scared of social media’s bashing with the usual questions of “what was she wearing!” “why did she go to his house?”… So in all my sadness and depression, I decided to tell the world what happened to me using film as a medium.

I was inspired to write and produce my film-“Tears of a broken Virgin”. I got a lot of help from social media-people volunteered to work for me free of charge even my director-Benny Atagame Alli .

Through some part of my film fiction, the bulk of it was inspired by my story. The lead character’s name Ada which ia a short form of my name Adanne-Popularly pronounced as Ennada.

Because of my sad experience, I battled depression, develop trust issues and found it hard to connect with people especially men.

I wanted to tell my story and also pass a strong message to rape victim and rapists…I hope I was able to do that with my film. I intend to expand this into a feature-length film. I hope everyone out there is inspired to stand up against rape”.

Ifu Ennada joined the BBnaija’s television show in 2o18 and later evicted. She’s also an actress and a movie producer.

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