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Belly fat reduction exercises

Belly fat reduction exercises

Belly fat reduction exercise-Achieve your dream figure in just 3 weeks

Excess belly fat is everyone’s nightmare. We try so hard to avoid it. Yet once in a while, we notice out belly protruding more than it used to be. It’s easy to panic and start researching about how to lose belly fat. Some people resort to starvation as a means of cutting down the entire body fat, in hopes that the fat in the stomach region will follow suit. This might not be the best way to go, even if it does help a little. There are basic exercises you can religiously participate in to keep that belly fat away. Here a few of them;

  1. Crunches: Crunches are a great way to start your belly fat burning exercise routine. They are so effective, the most effective way of burning bell fat perhaps. Just in case u wondering how to do crunches. Here are basic guidelines;  Belly fat
  • Lay down on a mat or anything comfortable. Ensure your feet are touching the ground and your knees are bent. If you like, you can put your legs in a forward position.
  • Put your hands at the back of your head on the floor, or o your chest.
  • Gently lift your upper body off the floor and exhale.
  • Inhale as you return your body to the start position, and exhale when returning forward
  • You can do this as much as you like
  1. Twist Crunches: Regular crunches are a little basic, good for beginners. As you go on in your challenge, you might want to try out something new like twist crunches. exercises
  • Lay down on the floor and place our hands behind your head
  • Bend your knees and place your feet on the floor
  • Lift your right shoulder towards the left and exhale.
  • Inhale as you go back to the start position.
  • You can switch sides by lifting your left shoulder towards the right after several rounds
  1. Side Crunches: this is basically same as twist crunches, but your legs also have to be tilted forward alongside your shoulders.fat reduction exercises
  2. Reverse Crunches: Reverse crunches work very effectively in helping to reduce belly fat. Here is how to go about it;
  • Lie flat on the ground, with your hands flat beside you.
  • Lift your legs backward, alongside your shoulders
  • Bring them down and inhale
  • Repeat for as many times as you like
  1. Bicycle exercise:belly fat
  • Lie flat on the floor with your hands behind your head
  • Lift your legs and bend your knees forward
  • Bring your left knee closer to your chest, then return it to the original position
  • Do same for the right knee
  • Continue rotating until it feels like you are riding a bicycle
  1. Lunge twist: This is really great for beginners who are eager to get rid of the belly fat. Here is how to go about it;
  • Stand with one leg forward and the other backward, they should be wide apart
  • Bend your knees slightly
  • Place your hands forward, well aligned with your shoulder
  • Take a lunge forward, your knees should bend at a 90-degree angle.
  • Try to twist your torso, first to the right and then to the left
  • Repeat several times for about 10 to 20 minutes
  1. Rolling Plank: This is a great exercise to strengthen your hip and abdominal muscles. Here is how it works;
  • Lie on the floor face down, then lift yourself up with elbows on the floor and toes at o degree
  • Look forward, let your neck be straight and aligned.
  • Try contracting your knees and breathing
  • You can try rolling plank, by moving to and fro
  • Other variations include reverse plank, knee plank etc.

Making a decision to start a belly fat reduction exercise routine is a bold step to take and a good one too. It shows you appreciate your body and are willing to put in extra effort to ensure it remains in tip-top shape. You can start gradually with one exercise routine like crunches, and then start trying out others. There are also varieties of exercises that were not mentioned above like stomach vacuum, captain’s chair etc. Just ensure you take necessary precautions so as not to hurt yourself. Keep these exercise routines regular, and you are on your way to a perfectly flat belly.


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