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These are the best essential oils to help heal scars naturally

These are the best essential oils to help heal scars naturally

These Are The Best Essential Oils To Help Heal Scars Naturally

These are the best essential oils to help heal your scars naturally. No matter your age, chances are, you may have developed a collection of scars on your body.

Some scars may have come from acne, burns, cuts, surgical incisions or scrapes after falling off the monkey bars. Either way, every scar has a story to tell, and regardless if it’s a good or a bad story, depending on where the scars are, we just want to make it disappear for good.

Before going for creams that contain hard chemicals or going to your doctor to discuss expensive laser treatments, try out these natural oils to help heal your scars permanently.

Tea Tree Essential Oil



Tea tree oil also known as Melaleuca is a powerful essential oil to heal scars. This oil is derived from Australian plant and it can be found in many products that can help heal dry skin, treat acne, eczema and psoriasis. Tea tree essential oil is a solid and effective antioxidant that has the ability to improve the skin by reducing blemishes, lines and scars. When you use tea tree essential oil regularly, it can help reduce the appearance of scars, tighten and smoothen the skin.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is a multi-purpose essential oil that has been employed for ages as a cleanser and disinfectant, astringent, skin tonic, immune system booster and a list of other beneficial uses. The lemon essential oil contains a high level of vitamin C, that function as an immune booster, skin repair and regeneration. Lemon stimulates the white blood cells, which allow the body’s ability to fight off diseases and produce healthy young skin cells. It helps to get rid of scars and lighten the skin tone.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil


This essential oil is the best cure for healing scars naturally. Carrot seed essential oil’s benefits include its properties as an antiseptic, diuretic, disinfectant, antioxidant, carcinogenic, detoxifying.
Carrot seed oil’s high level of antioxidants protects the skin from wrinkles, improves skin tone and elasticity and it also reduces fine lines. Just like tea tree oil, carrot can also be found in a few beauty products.

Lavender Essential Oil

lavender oil

Lavender essential oil, also known as Lavendula, has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that can help reduce the appearance of scars. This essential oil, not only smells good but, it’s also one of the best essential oils to heal scars and blemishes. Lavender essential oil can be used for new cuts, blemishes or burns. It can also be used to decrease the appearance of scars.

Neroli Essential Oil


This essential oil requires a lot of work in order to produce, including hand picking nearly one thousand pounds of blossoms. As a result of the required time to make this oil, it is more expensive compared to the other essential oils, but the benefit is worth it. Neroli essential oil has a tremendous scent and some amazing astringent and anti-bacterial properties that make it a staple in everyone’s beauty arsenal. This essential oil is not simply an excellent aid in lightening the skin, but it also removes old and new scars and rashes. When incorporated into your daily beauty routine, Neroli essential oil can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and reduce the appearance of scars naturally.

Rosehip Seed Oil


Rosehip oil has a ton of delicious benefits to the skin. This seed oil is the only carrier oil listed for antioxidants, vitamin, and essential fatty acids that help to treat acne and eczema. This oil also helps hydrate the skin and correct dark spots and blemishes. It can also reduce wrinkles, lighten scars and regenerate skin. Before covering your face with an entire bottle of oil, remember, a drop can do the wonders. With essential oil’s it’s always best to dilute with a carrier oil to prevent skin irritation or itching.

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