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Beyoncé And Rihanna Who Dresses Better – A Head To Head Comparison

Beyoncé And Rihanna Who Dresses Better – A Head To Head Comparison

Let’s take a break right here. Beyoncé is def the queen of pop and R n’ B, agreed? (If you don’t, you’re just jealous). And Rihanna on her own is undeniably a successful singer. Over the years, Beyoncé and Rihanna have been compared side by side each other, today we’re bringing back that feeling of having the two stars be compared against each other, but this time it’s about their fashion sense.

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So who do you think does it more for the red carpets, casual moments and of course, stage time? Beyoncé and Rihanna are on the far end of the comparison bar, so who wears it better?

Let’s dive into the analysis, shall we?

Beyoncé is ID’ed as the “queen” and ever since the media and fans agreed to the name, she has ever carried herself as one.

Some of her outfits get the spell of her title, and because she can switch to any style and still maintain her status as the queen, we literally get lost anytime she does.

While Rihanna in the other hand is the fashion trend setter, with an edgy type of outfits that define urbane and street more than Beyoncé’s

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Royal Oufits –

Beyoncé And Rihanna

Beyoncé And Rihanna

You know the saying ‘choose your woman carefully, she represents you”, that’s what Bey’s fashion style communicates anytime she makes the public eye.

For outfits with royalty touch, Beyoncé is leading in this category maybe because of how she carries herself and her title as the queen of pop.

Appealing outfits –

Beyoncé And Rihanna (3)

There might be need for a tie in this category because Beyoncé and Rihanna both wear body hugging outfits and lingerie that emboldens their body assets.

Eccentric styles –

Give this category up for Ms. RiRi who loves to frighten her fans more than she wants to wow us sometimes.

In this image of RiRi’s eccentric outfit, it’s too hard if not impossible to decipher the materials, style of the inspo behind this outfit.

Street wears –

Beyoncé And Rihanna

Yey, this is the category that Rihanna got to steal when you put Beyoncé and Rihanna side to side for comparison. Maybe because Bey is turning it down a bit on street wears because of her age and motherhood status.

But for HipHop, there is no age barrier for what you can do, or how casual you can let your outfit be right?

Formal wears –

Go home Ri, Bey got this twice over. Until your husband is Jay with a billionaire dollar bank account, businesses and brands to his name, then you probably might not need some office suits and wears.

Stage outfits (Beyonce and Rihanna)

This is the biggest part of the Beyoncé and Rihanna comparison because this is the place they live. Their career is based on music stages and on this base, if you slip you fall off. So it’s safe to say that both characters (Beyoncé and Rihanna) keep it one hundred and more whenever they both have to spend some time on stage, entertaining their fans.

So this is just a side by side comparison of what Beyoncé and Rihanna wear around their time around the clock.

Let us know what you think about our comparison and who does it better than the other.

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