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Busola Dakolo Part 2: What Next As COZA Pastor Steps Down.

Busola Dakolo Part 2: What Next As COZA Pastor Steps Down.

Busola Dakolo, wife of the famous musician Timi Dakolo who sang the popular “there’s a cry” song has added another feather to her cap as the accused pastor has stepped down. When Busola Dakolo with the full consent of her husband went public about a sexual abuse allegation some time ago many people thought that the allegation which was well over 20 years old was dead on arrival.

Many people forgot that all over the world crimes of this nature are taken seriously especially when people of trust are accused.

The world, especially the Catholic church is still recovering from the scandal which rocked her when ex-Cardinal McCarrick was found guilty of sexual abuse, a crime that was said to have been committed many years ago.

Although, it is not proper to compare the two cases since the Pastor accused by Busola has not been found guilty but it is okay if we look at the far-reaching consequences of Busola’s action that took place in a “staged managed” manner.

People still wonder what the wife of the famous star had in mind before going public about her allegation at a time when many felt it was too late.

If she only wanted the world to know the “truth”, it will be interesting to find out if the truth was just a matter of knowing or a call for real action.

From some indications, she may be getting back at the famous Pastor since she thought that fate had not punished him for the alleged crime.

When she gallantly let the cat out of the bag angry sympathizers had trooped to the church in protest.
Also, the church had announced the cancellation of a mega mid-year program which was expected to host guests and international visitors.

And just when we thought that all was over, the worst came, COZA Pastor stepped down.
Could his stepping down be another victory for the Dakolo’s or are we to expect more events after this? Let us keep our fingers crossed.



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