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Care For Vagina (A Must Read)

Care For Vagina (A Must Read)

How To Take Care Of Your Vagina (A Must Read)

Vagina is a canal-like area in female stretching from the uterus to the labia. Also vagina can be defined as a muscular tube leading from the external genitals to the cervix of the uterus which is in females. Mostly referred to as ‘Private part’ in women.

When it comes to taking care of your vagina the first thing you should know is that ‘Vagina’ only refers to the vagina canal. The lips, mons, pubis, clitoris etc are part of vulvar. When it comes to vagina health, myths have sprouted from left to right.

Here are what you need to know about taking care of vagina and vulva.

1-Never use soap on your vulvar or vagina

When it comes to soap, it shouldn’t be anywhere near your vulva. The vagina is self-cleaning, it doesn’t need to washed with soap. Rinse the entire vulva with warm water, dry gently with towel and you’re good to go. Some might say their vagina is smelling bad that doesn’t mean you should soap your vagina, never try. Washing with soap can cause yeast infection or any other related vagina issues.

2-Wear cotton underwear
Wearing a wrong kind of underwear culprit for a stinky vagina.Your vulva has a delicate ecosystem that needs to remain healthy. Cotton underwear is a safety net.
When you workout be sure to strip off your sweaty gym clothes as soon as you can.The moisture gathering around your vulva and the non breathable nuture of your latex workout pant is a yeast infection waiting for you,that is if you don’t remove it ASAP.

3-Do Kegel
Like all muscles in your body, your vagina muscles needs to be exercised in order to maintain optimal resilience. Kegels help you avoid urinary incontinence and can even make your orgasms more stronger.

4-Stop shaving off all your pubic hair
Waxing/shaving all your pubic hair pubic hair makes your more prone to infection.Your pubic hair is to protect your vagina from bacteria and other irritants. Not saying you shouldn’t shave your pubic hair but don’t shave, few pubic hair is best for a healthy vagina.


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