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Celebrities Who Have Worn The Ankara Design – Tamar Braxton Is One Of The Latest

Celebrities Who Have Worn The Ankara Design – Tamar Braxton Is One Of The Latest

The ankara design, the African owned print, is becoming an internationally admired wear. Many high profile personalities have once in a while chosen the ankara print over famous and expensive designs.

Today we’ve been challenged to write about some of the famous faces of the media whose choices about the African trend is inspiring, and also how they have stylishly expressed their beauty in our own shoes wear, the ankara print.

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The American singer and reality star, Tamar Braxton the younger sister to Tony Braxton, is seen here fully representing Africa with her stunning ankara dress, at the 2019 Afro ball, exposing a bit part of her boobs.

This is surely triggered by her deep sense for fashion, and of course, her man’s origin.

Other celebrities in the past have shown that tribe don’t matter when it comes to fashion, and in fact, they can slay more than the original owners. Agreed?

Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Salange Knowles, Gwen Stefani, Gabrielle Union and host of others have stepped out in different gorgeous ankara designs.

Black Excellence.

Regardless that it is fashion-right that as a celebrity, you should go with the flow, the vogue, we believe that even though these celebrities who have been seen wearing the ankara design might have been out of their love for fashion, it is in fact a pledge to history, honoring their root as Africans.

Wearing the ankara design isn’t the only place where we see celebrities submitting to their root, we have observed that one of thr lead generating tactics devised to use in marketing that movies was involving black celebrities to raise awareness for a movie that would later become monumental for black people.

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