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Chris Brown Expecting Another Child From Ex, This Time Around From Ammika Harris Not Nia Guzman

Chris Brown Expecting Another Child From Ex, This Time Around From Ammika Harris Not Nia Guzman

This is year 2019, the year of baby Daddies, and Chris Brown just renewed his league subscription.

Who would have thought that Chris Brown is still seeing his ex-girlfriend, Ammika Harris, if not that the soon to be dad have been sending hints on the instagram page of his ex, Ammika Harris, and there is a possible baby bump in the way.

So, Chris brown commented on one of Ammika’s instagram post with the caption, “BM BAD” and everyone is interpreting to mean “baby mama bad”.

Chris Brown Trolls Victor Cruz

This is heating up at the same period of the news of Chris Brown trolling ex-girlfriend Karrueche’s boyfriend Victor Cruz surfaced online.

chris brown


The singer turned rapper took his busy fingers to comment on Karrueche’s instagram post of her and her man, dropping a derogatory comment,

“Nothing bad or major. UPGRADE HIM SIS. I’ll take him around to style him. NOT HATE. He just need some game spirit.”

Hey Chris Brown, hitting on your ex’s man because you think you’ve got much limelight isn’t cool. This simply means that you have been on Karrueche’s page, stalking.

His fans expressed their sincere feeling about this. One of the passersby said this and we couldn’t agree less that the comment was spot on.

“I think he just doesn’t like the fact that he can’t have her… it’s a ego thing.”

With these news of different babies from different women, we do not know if a baby on board would make  chris brown wife any of the ladies involved.

Chris Brown daughter, royalty, is just 5, making him this humble (according to him), we hope that a new baby would make him let lose of his arrogance.

Regardless of how nasty we think Chris Brown has been of late, or how much he couldn’t keep his meat at a place, going back to an ex and all, a baby is a baby, and if the rumor appears to be true, we wish him and Ammika Harris the best parenthood experience.


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