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The Corporate Baby Bump: Stylish Maternity Work Dress Code  Inspiration By Chicamastyle

The Corporate Baby Bump: Stylish Maternity Work Dress Code  Inspiration By Chicamastyle

The Corporate Baby Bump: Stylish Maternity Work Dress Code  Inspiration By Chicamastyle


Chic Ama, also known as ChicAmastyle is one of the most influential fashion bloggers out there. Her stylish maternity style is what every woman needs in the closet. The way she dresses with her beautiful baby bump in a corporate dress will make you want to get pregnant as soon as possible.

She’s has made a name for herself through a brand called ChicAmastyle which focuses on promoting and advertising fashion brands.

Know for her stylish and chic style, the fashion pioneer’s style is to die for.

The mother of two has gained herself 300 Instagram followers, and her page offer tips on life-goals and how to look chic for a different occasion.

With the body changes that come with pregnancy, the fashion-forward entrepreneur, chic Ama is not ready to quit fashion as she continued to give her fans a sleepless night with a different kind of bold, chic and stylish maternity style.

Even though her killer curves outfits seem not to fit many of us like she does, her Instagram account is great to follow for fashion inspiration.

What thrilled us about her style is that most of her outfits are non-maternity. “I wouldn’t be wearing a lot of maternity outfits. I feel more comfortable wearing regular stylish cloth that has lots of stretch to it”, the fashion killer said via Instagram post.

But who cares? you can break those rules and start slaying in peace.

some expectant mother thinks to dress in a corporate dress with a baby bump might not fit well. But these stylish maternity corporate bump styles you are about seeing here will prove you wrong!

Definitely, you can be pregnant and still look good in any kind of dress, thanks to Chic Ama for making a bold fashion statement throughout her pregnancy.

Forget that National Anthem that says “women shouldn’t wear fitted dresses” and take some major style inspiration from Chicamastyle. We have seen a different kind of stylish maternity eye-catchy fitted dresses, from dinner look dresses, midi dresses and of course corporate dresses on her.

Here are some of our favourites stylish maternity styles you can borrow from the fashion killer.

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