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Davido And Wizkid Who Dresses Better?-Dresscodesworld Top Rated

Davido And Wizkid Who Dresses Better?-Dresscodesworld Top Rated

Wizkid and Davido, Who Dresses Better?

Let us talk about Nigerian celebrity dress code Wizkid and Davido. Gone are the days when dressing was nothing more than a mere covering of one’s nakedness. Dressing has evolved over the past decades to house new ideas. It is not even limited to fashion no more; it is now an art.

Especially in this part of the world where appearance is not taken lightly. Many are loved simply because of the way they dress and appear.  It goes from choosing clothes that fit a person to pick the right colours of clothes. The saying “One is addressed the way he or she is dressed” readily comes to mind.

There are certain factors that influence ones dressing. They include but are not limited to weather, occupation, environment, background and a host of others. These days, people have been able to fuse all these factors together in a bid to looking impeccable and in many cases, create a fashion statement whenever they grace events and occasions.

For artists (especially musicians), dressing just the right way is a selling point, one that probably comes before their music. So, it is eminent that they look good not just for themselves but for the brand they represent.

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Also known among his ardent followers as “Omo Baba Olowo“, which when interpreted means “Child of a Rich Man” is not just a musician but an entertainer. His style of dressing is quite peculiar to him alone. Sometimes, he is spotted wearing old-fashioned trousers. At other times, he is on wears too casual.


Without bias, Davido dresses in conventional outfits. This is evident in his music videos and even concerts. This is not to say in any way that he doesn’t dress well, far from it. He seems like a simple dresser who doesn’t spend too much time scanning what he’ll put on to look outstandingly stylish or anything of the sort.  Even with his conventional outfits, he always looks impeccably dressed, simple but stunning.

Clothes fit differently. More so, stature is another thing to consider when choosing clothes. His carriage also influences the way clothes sticks on his body and this gives him a very appealing look.


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Wizkid also known by his fans as Starboy, is one who appears to spend a lot of time deciding on the outfit to appear in. Wizkid right from the first track that made him go viral “Holla at your boy” has shown that he is a young man with class and that he is trendy, too. He knows how to dress in clothes that fit his skin colour and stature. The reason it would be right to say he actually dresses well.

On who dresses more, this has generated quite a lot of views from fans. It is easier to take sides with the one whose music appeals more to an individual. This is the point where I’ll say it gets to the moment in the career of, especially musicians when it becomes quite a task separating them from what they do.  As to whether he dresses more than Davido, well, we’ll be right to say it’s a matter of perspective. Wizkid can be presumed to want to make an impression with the way he dresses. The way he matches colours and designs says it all.

Wizkid is obviously more fashion conscious than Davido. For dressing that seems more matured, Davido should be the guy. Outside of music, one can safely posit that Wizkid would do well as a model. It is quite evident not only in his style of clothes or how he rocks them but also in the poses he strikes for photos. He is more conscious of his looks even on stage than Davido who doesn’t really seem perturbed about those things.

When comparing the dress sense of individuals, one cannot ignore their backgrounds and ideologies. These two factors amongst others are the sum of what culminates into the ideas that make up dress patterns for people.

On the whole, it depends on what you’re looking at. If you’re looking for simplicity with a touch of impeccability, then Davido is the artist you should be on the lookout for. If you’re however looking for a trendy, stylish, ‘swaggy’ colour matching artist who wears fitting clothes with his skin colour in mind, then Wizkid it is.


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