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Davido’s Fashion Style: What He Wears

Davido’s Fashion Style: What He Wears

When it comes to pushing the envelope and doing it well, one of the names that come to mind is David Adedeji Adeleke popularly  known as Davido or Omo Baba Olowo (OBO) . Whether it’s finding a way to emphasize toned down basics or make evident patterns and color palettes look nonchalant, OBO is practically leading the competition when it comes to style points.

Without really having to follow trends in fashion, Davido has literally built his own style, which has since proclaimed him one of the new kings of cool. Known for combining pieces from Balenciaga and Gucci, OBO is effortlessly becoming one of fashion’s best-dressed stars, earning himself credibility as a streetwear savant.

Aside from being a renowned musician with tracks that can be put on an endless shuffle, he’s also earned the title as a part-time designer himself, which would make sense, as he knows how to wear everything you could ever possibly want.

Davido is clearly one of those uniquely gifted individuals that can just take every single trend that’s going on at once and appropriate it into the same look.

If he had more feet, he could probably do the same with footwear just as easily.

Of course, like many of the styles he wears, it appears that he’s not only bringing back certain trends, but he’s also pioneering new ones. Typically a grunge wardrobe palette might’ve aligned with brands like Gucci  and Louis Vuitton but for OBO, he’s intentionally breaking the mold for what’s been set in place by throwing retro basketball and skate sneakers into the mix to form a new .definition of punk.

And while all the menswear blogs and websites are saying that the grunge look is over, Dress Code World is proving once again that there’s always a need for a counterculture audience in both the fashion and footwear realms.

The ’90s are Back

Davido Fashion Style: What He Wears

The ’90s are back and so is denim on Tee, which Davido has indeed mastered. Davido is especially known for his denim and Tee-shirt  combinations and layering it in a way that rides nowhere near Canadian tuxedo territory. Whether it’s double denim, jackets, or distressed jeans, he knows how to accent these pieces with graphic tees and a hard-hitting footwear arsenal. While ensuring these shades are subtle and easy going, OBO coordinates these essentials with sneaker staples like Balenciaga sneakers or Guiseppe Zanotti.

Aside from the denim on tee combinations he is so well known for, Davido also factors in other trends from the ’90s into his wardrobe, like floral  print shirt with neutral tees underneath. Another way that  Davido incorporates his genius layering tactics into his kit is throwing them over pastel-hued hoodies with boxy tees showing underneath. He’ll even take it one step further by breaking out letterman style varsity jackets or even cargo pants – both of which have been tailored with a modern edge.

There’s Outerwear and There’s Oversized Outerwear

Davido Fashion Style: What He Wears

Since it’s such an essential part of his wardrobe, oversized outerwear deserves its own category. One of the more prevalent trends in menswear right now, Davido opts for jacket hat are worn a size or two up and have a slimmer fit, so it doesn’t look like he is swimming in fabric. OBO is also a major advocate of Gucci apparel and incorporates the brand’s exotic color palettes with a range of outerwear and jackets.

There’s certainly a compromise when it comes to buying oversize, as just sizing up for the sake of it will not make you look more stylish. It will just make you look like you buy large clothes.

The key is to nail the fit, generally taking something that fits slimmer in the first place and sizing up so that it still hangs the same way, but exaggerates the sleeve and hem dimensions. And just because you oversize your jacket, doesn’t mean you need to wear oversized pants, nor would that be practical. Davido usually wears slimmer cargo pants or distressed skinny jeans with simple silhouettes like Old Skools or AF1s.


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