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Did Tonto Dike Shade Davido In A Recent Interview?

Tonto Dike rants about her exhusband

Tonto Dike surely knows how to drive attention to herself with her foxy looks and her controversial statements, but this time Tonto Dike shades Davido while trying to making buzzes. Or what do you think?

Recently Tonto Dike made some statements in her recent interview which was not out of her ordinary. But before then we could recall how she shamed her ex-husbands bed skills.

“…His sex life was horrible. He was dating a lot of ladies while married to me. There was a day after our wedding that I met him dry-humping some girl, she looks so dirty. When I saw him, he went on to say, ‘oh no, she’s my friend’s sister’. He has a sexual problem. He can’t stay inside a woman for more than 40 seconds. My son was the longest, one minute. I felt like he was going to be ashamed of that condition so he doesn’t sleep around but I didn’t see his womanizing part, it was later I noticed…”

This time around, granting her time for a face-to-face interview to Daddy Freeze, Tonto Dike let lose about her ex-husband not taking care of their son, and also we think Tonto Dike shaded Davido.

While in this session, she gave example of responsible celebrity single daddies who take care of their sons, but then she mentioned Davido’s name with a derogatory statement that is questioning her respect for the ‘small boy’, or maybe we are just over thinking things.

But here was her statement.

“I’m an Ikwere Woman we don’t train children for men, our men take care of our women…take care of their children. Look at Davido a small boy like…urg sorry not for calling you a small boy but I mean I’m older than you”

Though the ‘small boy’ didn’t clap back, instead he replied the video on Tunde Ednut’s instagram page in a more playful way, “I come in peace 🏃🏾‍♂️🙏🏾”

But the question is, will Davido make references to this on a future song or will all the hustle end on Instagram?

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