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Ebuka Uchendu’s Agbada Styles – 10 Times He Evicted Other Fashion Icons

Ebuka Uchendu’s Agbada Styles – 10 Times He Evicted Other Fashion Icons

10 Times Ebuka Uchendu Evicted Other Fashion Icons With His Agbada styles

Would you ever say you do not know this fashion lover and the title holder of the best agbada ever? I bet you won’t. We have collected some of the best Ebuka Uchendu’s agbada styles to analyse and we have made some cool observation of his fashion sense. Keep reading to learn all that we know about this agbada king.

Ebuka Uchendu is one of the Nigerian celebrities who has featured and appeared in a lot of Tv programs, which one of them is the reality TV show Big Brother Naija.

But aside having the talent to hold mic, sink you in suspense while you await the next house mate to be evicted, he is also known to, this time not arouse and spike suspense in us, but to arouse our taste for some of his outfits at red carpet events.

One of the most known tags on him is his most stylish agbada style he rocked to banky W’s big day.

So, just to educate you on Ebuka Uchendu’s agbada styles and more, we will be analyzing some of his “best from the rest” agbada styles and why they made our top 10 list.

Before we get down to whys and hows of Ebuka Uchendu’s agbada styles , you might have noticed that he prefers the short sleeve T shirts for his agbada more than he prefers the long sleeve.

But we think he looks better in the full length sleeve shirt for his agbada. So what do you think? Short or the long sleeve?

Ebuka’s agbada for #BAAD2017

Fashion lovers: Nobody… I say, Nobody…

Ebuka Uchendu: hold my beer…

By far, this is the only agbada that crashed the internet and made it to every fashion blog’s front page. The elements of this agbada, the choice of color (thanks to the color of the event), the cut and finishing, all did great in bringing this piece the best, most shining spotlight.

Ebuka Uchendu's Agbada Styles

The agbada was sewn in a way to eliminate the stress of having to adjust the sleeves every now and then. And this was one of the distinctive feature of the agbada over others.

Another similar look was redone one this particular agbada by the same designer, Ugo Monye. Ebuka christened it the “remix outfit” because it shares the exact feature of the earlier agbada style but with a different color, and a bit different embroidery.

Ebuka's Agbada Styles

Though this seafoam and mint colored green didn’t shake the internet as its predecessor did, it is agreed to be a very great cut by Ugo Monye.

A quick switch to the short sleeve category of Ebuka Uchendu’s agbada styles

Just like earlier said, he prefers his agbada to come in short sleeve and tight-hugging his brachium to give off his great muscle works.

But what stood out in this whole attire is the color combination.

Ebuka Uchendu's Agbada Styles

Who would have thought that indigo blue would perfectly fit a white cap?

Moving one…

On this third top 10 ebuka uchendu’s agbada styles and why we love it. The agbada came with a different neck collar design called the Korean or band collar design.

Ebuka Uchendu's Agbada Styles

And secondly, the gold colored embroidery was perfectly done to catch eyes and be admirable. Thanks to Michael Black Collection who is the designer behind this great work.

Ebuka Uchendu's Agbada styles

For this number four on our list of ebuka uchendu’s agbada styles and the agbada’s distinctive features, it probably might not have a certain difference from the conventional agbada styles you see everywhere, but the pink colored material and the bold embroidery is a perfect pick and design.

I think I might need a Yoruba title at this point… – Ebuka Obi uchendu

Short Agbada styles

From this fifth ebuka uchendu’s agbada styles , you could feel the western culture well pronounced in the outfit and the one who is rocking it.

Some fans suggested some Yoruba names for him because, well, he went full Yoruba in this agbada style.

Though the design is the same with every other agbada style he has been seen in, but the material which is called the woven fabric stripped vintage aso oke is one tied with the western culture.


Who remembers this Versace inspired agbada Ebuka Obi uchendu rocked on the day Efe won the big brother Naija show 2017? Well, we might have forgotten a lot of the frenzies and glitz of that night but we haven’t forgotten that Ebuka’s outfit made a trend on social media for a while before Efe’s victory took over.

What do you think about an all-black agbada for a friend’s wedding?

Agbada styles


Or would you prefer a mix of white pants and a sky blue agbada for the same occasion? Well, two can go for the same occasion, just pick a color that matches your body color.

Meanwhile, while you make the decision on the type to disturb your stylist for, take a look at this all white Ebuka Uchendu’s agbada styles and its best-fitting silver embroidery.

Agbada styles

A close look will reveal that it has a shorter length of agbada, compared to others the fashion icon wears.

This is to ascertain that the length of the agbada can make a discussion and must not follow the regular style.

You can leave it at really long length, or a shorter length, a little bit below the knee if you do not want to be bothered about the stress of keeping the flowing materials together.

Ebuka Uchendu's Agbada

The embroidery which is most certainly one of the areas your stylist can decide to be unique, is designed yellow to match the white color, and also with the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife insignia logo well represented on the outfit.

Isisagu meets agbada

Ebuka Uchendu's Agbada

Isiagu is a representation of strength and dignity mostly in Igbo outfits. For all Ebuka Uchendu’s agbada styles and particularly this agbada, his was intentional in seeking for this design because of his tribe and how much he represents the Igbo culture.

With the cap which is mostly worn by Obi and Igwe in the Igbo land, the agbada which is originally the Yoruba’s outfit, tilted away from the western culture and took a spot for the Igbo culture. Because of the presence of the cap, the Isiagu and his beads

While the agbada outfits do not overly have more than few designs and styles, there is a thing, two or ten you can learn from Ebuka Uchendu’s agbada styles and how he fits perfectly in these outfits.

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