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Famous YouTuber kisses His sister as a prank

Famous YouTuber kisses His sister as a prank

Prankster YouTuber Chris Monroe not only French kisses his sibling but also captures it on camera for the whole world to see. In a controversial video entitled “kissing my actual sister prank” Chris introduces a lady who he said is his half sister after posting a picture of them both on instagram and accepting the challenge to kiss her in public if he gets enough likes.

He obviously hit the target, went into her room and explained the plan to her, which she hesitantly agrees to and so they lock lips in what seemed like the grossest video of all time

Netizens have expressed their dissatisfaction saying that he doesn’t seem to know the difference between a prank and plain old perversion. Although the video has recorded over 3 million views the number of dislikes is also growing fast along.

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