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Fashion Designers In Nigerian- A Day In The Wardrobe Of Yomi Casual

Fashion Designers In Nigerian- A Day In The Wardrobe Of Yomi Casual

Fashion is a spokesman for human’s body. An art of its own. An avenue for absolute and deep expression, and fashion designers are the lords of the art itself. And Nigerian’s have been identified as the powerful fashion house of Africa and beyond.

Our fashion style has been making statements on red carpet events, social media, international fashion blogs and on the body of the faces we admire.

So today, to write about a fashion house and fashion designers, we have been aroused by the simple, but sophisticated, bespoke fashion wears and fashion style from our very own Nigerian fashion designer, Yomi Casual.

Who Is Yomi Casual?

Yomi Casual


Yomi Casual is fashion. Beyond a tag as one of the best fashion designers, Yomi is a fashion style.

The younger brother to the veteran comedian, Yomi Casual, is one that most ‘men fashion’ lovers took up to.

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So, since we’re here, let’s look into the wardrobe style of Yomi Casual. Before we talk about how he styles his fashion, with button-down T-shirts and denim jeans, dwarfing everybody else’s styles, let us look at some of his collections of native fashion wears.

The fashion style recently has been about a popular trend, ‘sneakers and natives’. And this fashion style has been made a thing to admire by fashion designers like Yomi Casual.

Fashion Designers In Nigerian- A Day In The Wardrobe Of Yomi Casual

From the above picture, you might think Yomi is the grand originator of this fashion style. With the way his short-sleeved agbada stayed on him, giving voice to the white sneakers and all.

Yomi Is SUITable

Though we can’t say if these are cuts from the ‘tailor’ himself, but we are listing these pictures because of the sense of dominance it spells on him.

Yomi mostly goes for colors that blend with his skin, and of course, his beards. And this is exactly what we can identify the fashion designer with.

We can’t help but also fix our eyes on his shoes, the ones he speak fashion loudly with. The kinda Shoes that are bespoke only for merry men (chop life gang).

Switching From Corporate Wears To Agbada, The Fashion Finisher. Who Needs Suit And Tie When You Can Be This Plush On Agbada?

Agbada is the fashion statement maker. The fashion style for all culture. And any fashion designer, fashion blog, or fashion house who ain’t about some touch of agbada, is a chain breaker.

We can’t say much about Yomi’s love for agbada, and how his fashion house have styled many men with this cultural monument.

Check Out Some Of The Times He Stayed Winning With His Own Agbada Fashion Designs.

Fashion Designers In Nigerian- A Day In The Wardrobe Of Yomi Casual

Fashion Designers In Nigerian- A Day In The Wardrobe Of Yomi Casual


The Button down T-shirt and Denim Jeans: The Yomi’s Way


Nigerian Fashion Designers

Fashion designs from Yomi encompasses everything fine. From bespoke agabda, to senator wears and unisex T-shirts. And this area of his fashions design (unisex T-shirt) is what I will show you.

It’s quite noticeable that the best cloths are those that cling to the body, for fitting sake.
And Yomi’s fashion style hasn’t been anything less than body-fitting fashion wears.

If you must steal a style from the renowned fashion designer, let it be the act of rocking body-fitting designs, that gives you space to breathe, but don’t give you body-cloth space.

So, to conclude this, you already know how much we love our seasoned fashion designer, Yomi Casual, and his fashion designs and fashion styles that are worthy of stealing.
Continue to glance through some of his collections while we bring in more from other fashion houses.

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