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Father Cries As Daughter Left For Another Man

Father Cries As Daughter Left For Another Man

The family bond is second to none. This is an old saying that became evident in recent time as father almost declined giving his daughter out for marriage.

The heart-touching event which rather looks poignant occurred in a wedding ceremony posted on the picture-sharing platform, Instagram, by traditionalweddingng– a page dedicated to African weddings.

Father Cries

Father Cries As Daughter Left For Another Man

I the poster’s words, the girl’s father held the mic for some minutes without a word while the guests, in-laws and his kinsmen waited patiently for him to give the couple his blessings. Some more silence and then the man in him gave up and tears began to roll down his cheeks. And then he said, if it’s possible for one to marry his daughter, I will never give you out in marriage, but we know it’s not possible.

At this point I knew that “love” is really confusing . . . how can you love two men at the same time??? (Father and Boo)– traditionalweddingng


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