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Female Agbada Styles – Guide And Pictures For Your Inspiration

Female Agbada Styles – Guide And Pictures For Your Inspiration

The very moment you think of Agbada, few things come to your mind. First, it is for men and secondly, it isn’t for women. Right? Right. But fashion has shifted agbada from the focus of being a particularly male outfit for occasions to being fit for unisex fashion wear for any gender, male or female alike. Our collections of eye-pleasing agbada styles for women are what you need if having this attire in your wardrobe.

The Female Agbada Styles You Should Consider Learning A Thing From.

From way back, more like traditionally, agbada would go on to traditionally reaffirm a man’s wealth. These shoulder to toe full-length tops that sit directly on top of a long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt represented your social status and affluence, typically in the western part of Nigeria, but now, it has been infused in the everyday fashion outfits for any member of the economy.

Not to say, any gender.

Female celebrities have given the men a great run for their style, and since female agbada styles became a woman thing also, we have seen more top-notch inspirations and never-before-seen styles, from the gender that rule fashion.

Stylishly worn, female agbada styles come with untraditional designs that are best-fit for the feminine physique, but worthy to note, some of the materials are not altogether the same.

You could have a black agbada with white pants, just for the sake of standing out.

Secondly, women have more edge over men when female agbada styles are discussed. They can choose a skirt, shorts or pants for variety sake, with lit total fashion and beauty makeover just to attract more eyes in any event.

Female agbada styles can’t be stretchily discussed without the mention of agbada gowns.

Female Agbada Styles Female Agbada Styles

This is another advantage for women who originally didn’t pay attention to how agbada could fit into their wardrobe needs. To add more styles and to this, it could be left at knee-length or full length, with other fashion accessories to complement the general look.

The western agbada styles also come in play for ladies who don’t feel contented with lady-owned fashion dresses.

Female Agbada Styles


With the help of a creative mind and a top-class designer, you could rock this female agbada styles with a denim jean, bringing in English and the Nigerian native designs to mean more fashion business. Paying close attention to the neckline which could be left at all-around or cleavage-cut style.

More Creativity For Typical Female Agbada Styles

  • Female agbada styles with – A combination of leggings and agbada tops

Just like the way you could style your agbada tops to fit with denim jeans, trousers or shorts, you could leave out denim and throw in your leggings of any color just to subtly look different from the usual.

  • Also, heels could be replaced with colored or all-white sneakers for the love of a street style. Pay attention to how the fabrics match and the particular occasion.

Let us know what you feel about these female agbada styles and how well they could enhance your fashion status.

More Female Agbada Styles In Pictures

Female Agbada Styles Female Agbada Styles Female Agbada Styles


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