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The FIT-FAM trend: how celebrities seem to be ageing backwards.

The FIT-FAM trend: how celebrities seem to be ageing backwards.

The new but age-old idea of fit-fam is not merely a trend but should be a way of life, people say 40 is the new 20 right? Why? Because literally, nobody seems to be aging these days, people are investing time and money to ensure their bodies age gracefully.

We know everybody is about that fit-fam life now, perhaps you’re not, then this write up is for you. Eating right, dieting, waist trainers, keeping those miles in, registering at gyms and whatnot.

Well, if you’re still one of those people that like to watch the party go on, the observers and commentators, we are all about spurring you up to get off your couch and do right. Being fit has its many benefits and we are sure excited to tell you all about it.

Perhaps you’re petite and thin and you’re like “if I work out, what will be left of me, I might just disappear”. That’s the wrongest statement ever, the ultimate aim of exercise is not particularly weight loss, but fitness and general well being, exercising helps build strength, improves blood flow and circulation and helps reduce the risks of blood pressure.

You know all those intense medical stuff, well, what people often don’t know is that putting your body in good shape by working out helps prevent a majority of those issues.

The FIT-FAM trend: how celebrities seem to be ageing backwards.
Jennifer Lopez

Perhaps you’re having issues sleeping at night, then, this is for you, working out during the day or night (whatever works for you), helps your body relax during rest, and vitalizes you with necessary energy for the day. This is definitely a good regime to be obsessed with.

For the overweight folks, the benefit of working out is simply out of this world, just 15 minutes of regulated exercise every morning consistently can literally change your life, in 6 months the results can become clearly evident.

It helps you carry that sense of responsibility towards maintaining your body and eating healthy. Setting a realistic goal and timetable is key here, perhaps three times a week or every week end (Whatever works) as long as you decide to stay true to it. Starting out slow and steady is also vital, giving your body and mind time to adjust to its new reality.

Great ideas and dreams won’t be carried out by your spirit alone you need a well functioning body also. More so, It’s the weekend, grab a buddy now and make body goals , write down targets and make resolutions to keep to it and keep each other accountable. That’s how to create a family that’s all about fitness!

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