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From Their IG Pages, Who Dresses Better, Dbanj Or Alex Ekubo

From Their IG Pages, Who Dresses Better, Dbanj Or Alex Ekubo

In #DCW, we shake a lot of fashion tables and put you in the position where you have to check twice before you make a pick when we set two stars up for fashion comparison. We have compared Wizkid’s fashion style against his time rival, Davido. We have compared the fashion genius of Rihanna and Beyonce, that of Yemi Alade and Tiwa etc, now we’re asking you, who does dresses better, Dbanj or Alex Ekubo?

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We are pulling the different fashion categories from their individual IG page for some comparison game, let us know who stole the show for you.

Men In Tux.

Dbanj and Alex Ekubo who dresses better (1)

It could be great to leave this spot for Oladapo ‘Dbanj’ Oyebanjo who… N.O.. NO!… When these two social stars grace your ‘all men suit’ event, Mr Alex will steal yo’ girl with his soft looking suit dresses, which he intentionally mixes with a delightful smile, just for the ladies.

Recently he got IG burning when he premiered Yomi Casual’s suit collection. Let us show you more of his baby boying dresses.

Though both celebrities dresses in fine tux and slays with the right fit, but Alex Ekubo edged the game with a tux that has unique patterns. The every man’s dream tux

Bringing It Home With The Natives.

Dbanj and Alex Ekubo who dresses better (3)

Senator suits, African prints, let’s pass the touch to Alex Ekubo for his 10/10 lit fashion game, whose dresses to kill. This might appear to be true if we pass sheets around for a single survey, many men would love to shop and steal some fashion outfits from Alex Ekubo’s wardrobe.

DBanj seem to be more into casual and street wears when it comes to fashion categories. This might be understandable giving that he is a stage performer who needs all the shades of street styles he could get.

Doing It For The Streets (The Street Dresses).

Dbanj and Alex Ekubo who better (2)

Go home Alex, let your mama know you lost this one. The kind of swag, Mr. Bangalee would embarrass anyone in his way for this fashion category. With popped out chest, hulk looking arms and a height to die for, Dbanj surely knows how to keep it 100 for the street wearing street wears.

Who Dresses As Casual As Possible.

For this category, we might have to call it a tie because of DBanj’s activeness in causal wears, and Alex Ekubo’s vogue interesting casual styles.

Both of the veteran A’ List personalities give their all when it’s time for some casual wears, making it difficult and a bit interesting trying to figure out who does it better.

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A Wrap Up

We do not mean fashion wars for the fans of these two TV faces, it’s all game and fun trying to pick out who dresses for the camera in every single category, more than the other.

Fashion is a way of life. A way of epic self-expression and unless you’re a deadbeat fashion head who mixes the wrong items with everything else, you can be your best when you identify your unique style.

Let what you wear be your ID and represent you at any point in time. And for these celebrities, they have paid their fashion dues long enough.

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