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Fun Ways To Upgrade Your Weekend Look In Ankara!

Fun Ways To Upgrade Your Weekend Look In Ankara!

Now That It’s Weekend Its Time To Upgrade Your Boring Look

Now that the weekend is here at least your friends or family must show up in an Ankara outfit. this has become a trend in Africa most especially in Nigerian and now we understand perfectly well that the weekend starting from Friday is for Ankara.

If you have been keeping eye on Ankara trends, then you know that some styles are so irresistible, You just want to have every look. Now it’s time for you to switch from those boring look to a more classy attire because every weekend in Nigeria has a need for cute Ankara pieces. Those living in Lagos can relate.

In case you have been dulling on the hottest styles, upgrade your weekend look with these eye-catchy styles.

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Fun Ways To Upgrade Your Weekend Look In Ankara!


This particular style has become a trend for some time now, it’s so fun to be versatile with your piece and the good news is, you can reshuffle your old outfit and match it with another piece to upgrade your look.

2. Go Big with the sleeves

Ankara style


Wearing a bold sleeves dress gives your entire look really classy, yet chic way to step out.

3. Pants with a drama top

Fun Ways To Upgrade Your Weekend Look In Ankara!


Yup, this look is daring and fun to wear. Introducing some asymmetric design into your outfit can sometimes make you look very unique. Try out something different with a mesh detailed top or a plain top and you are ready to go. You can as well wear a statement choker necklace to add an extra touch of uniqueness.

4. Try Jumpsuit

Fun Ways To Upgrade Your Weekend Look In Ankara!

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One thing I really like about jumpsuit is that it can make you look really classy, fun and unique without you showing too much skin. You can wear it for different scenarios like a girl’s night out, or wedding party.

5.The lazy but stylish layers

Weekend look


While everyone is wearing Ankara style that shows off their curves, you can do a counter-intuitive thing by wearing this outfit eg like grabbing a snacks downtown or to a cinema. It is very simple to pair, grab a nice Off-shoulder Ankara top, match it up with a pinafore denim jeans to grab people’s attention.

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