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Has Pregnancy Changed Simi’s Look?

Has Pregnancy Changed Simi’s Look?

Simi might be pregnant…her new look says it all.

Rumors about Singer Simi’s pregnancy started way back in 2018. This was when the cobwebs surrounding Simi’s relationship was wiped out, and the truth emerged that Simi and fellow singer, Adekunle Gold were into an intimate relationship.

Although Simi is known for having fluctuating body structure, she has never been this close to that of a pregnant woman before. The 31-year-old Afropop singer and song-writer poses with almost all the empirical characteristics of a pregnant woman in her recent Instagram post.

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small posing dem talk say na format

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Earlier this month, 4th of May to be precise, Simi’s post generated mixed feelings as fans found her photo’s caption a bit confusingSimi captioned her post with few lines “omo charlie lo’n jo yi ooo”. And this few lines were worrisomely equivocal for fans to discern.


The Photo that Got Simi’s Followers Talking. “omo charlie lo’n jo yi ooo”

Some fans out-rightly congratulated her for being pregnant, while others were only speculative. Thus, asking her if she was pregnant.

Mооd swings, ѕtrеѕѕ, br**st tenderness and darker skin are соmmоn ѕуmрtоmѕ reported bу

Simi pregnancy


mаnу wоmеn іn thе еаrlу stages оf рrеgnаnсу as noted in Therefore, it would be unfair to treat our assumption with levity.

Pregnant Simi

Simi’s Old Looks Before Pre*na**y

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