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Here Are 6 Protein Shakes To Help Build Up Your Muscles

Here Are 6 Protein Shakes To Help Build Up Your Muscles

 6 Protein Shakes To Help Build Up Your Muscles 

If building muscles is a major focus in your life right now, then protein shakes are a vital part of it too. Protein is essential in building up muscles.
Here are best protein shakes to help build up muscles.

1-Hot Cocoa
For preparation, you need 1cup fat-free milk, 1packet milk chocolate hot cocoa, 1scoop chocolate whey protein and half cup low fat cottage cheese. Add water to the blender, pour protein, cheese, cocoa and blend until smooth. It is best to take it before bedtime with a composition of 45gm protein and 275 calories.

2-Banana Shake
Add two scoops of chocolate protein to one cup of unsweetened almond milk. Mix finely chopped frozen banana along with a spoon each of dark chocolate chips and cinnamon. Banana shake is ready.

3-Chocolate Peanut Butter
This is one of the best protein shakes for building muscles. Two scoops of chocolate protein, 2spoons of heavy whipping cream, one spoon flax meal, one spoon peanut butter, water and few ice cubes. Blend all together and enjoy great chocolate peanut butter.

4-Chocolate Almond Brownie
No need to use blender for this protein shake,all you need to do is add only scoop of chocolate whey protein to one cup of fat-free milk and stir well. Then top it with finely chopped brownie and almonds. This mix is rich with protein at 40gm composition, along with 500 calories.

5-Coffe Shake 
Specially for coffee lovers. One cup of coffee,two spoons on honey and a scoop of coffee, two spoons of chocolate whey protein, mix the protein with the coffee and perk up your protein shake.

6-Fruity Protein Shake
3 spoons of dairy based protein powder, one cup of apple juice or non-fat milk, half banana, one spoon wheat germ, a cup of peaches or 3 strawberries. Blend all together with ice for a fibrous protein shake.

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