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Here’s The Ultimate Guide To Grow & Care For Your Beard

Here’s The Ultimate Guide To Grow & Care For Your Beard

 The Ultimate Guide To Grow & Care For Your Beard

There are moments throughout a man’s life where growing and having beards become a real possibility. The nature of growing a beard involves positivity and patience. You need to put in a little amount of work if you want to grow out a well kept and healthy beard.

You need to switch up the playbook when it comes to your beard. Whether you’re growing beard for the first time, already have a beard, struggling to achieve growth, the following provides what you need to know.

1~Wash and Scrub
Just like the hair on your head, your beard needs to be clean in order to breathe and grow. Scubs are also called exfoliators, scrubbing is not only meant for your skin but also for your beards. Beard dandruff is not a good look, once in a week use a cleanser to clean your beards and skin, and a scrub to clear away dead skin cells. Don’t use harsh shampoo or soap, which will irritate the skin on your face. Use an all natural shampoo specifically for beards.

The sebaceous glands on your face have a hard time producing enough oils to moisturize for face and your beard. So you will need more moisture for your beards. You can use oil every day depending on how much moisture your beard needs. Always apply oil after washing your beard. Dampen your beard before applying oil, jojoba oil and argan oil are the best for beards.

To encourage growth, rub few drops of black castor oil growth serum into your skin and roots 2-3times a week. Take this opportunity to highly massage the skin underneath the beards, promoting blood circulation and hair growth. You will find this also helps to moisturize your skin as well.

4~Deep condition
Wait a minute, you have never deep conditioned your beards? This is the best way to keep your beard manageable, soft and luxurious! To avoid clogging your pores, deep condition before you wash your beard.


Here's The Ultimate Guide To Grow & Care For Your Beard

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Without regular trimming, you will develop split ends which make your beards less soft and less manageable. If you know you can’t go to barber every week, get a nice beard trimmer. Don’t use low quality scissors, they make split end worse. If you are starting your beard from scratch, don’t trim for the first four-weeks because it needs time to grow.

6~Detangle and style
Get a beard brush for detangling and styling, don’t use a plastic or metal brush it will damage your beards.

Once you are sure of your beards care regimen, build a lifestyle that keeps your body, and by extension, your beard as healthy as it can be.

Fill your diet with nutrients and drink plenty of water. This will nourish and hydrate your hair from inside out. Get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly and reduce stress. Believe it or not, all these practices encourage hair growth.
Follow these guide and have a healthy beard!

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