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How To Care For Your Wet Shoe

How To Care For Your Wet Shoe

It’s the wet season and our shoes are the materials that cover our feet whenever it rains. So for this selfless act in tough times, it is demanded from you that you care for your wet shoes, in a way to return the unselfish act. So this article is about our handpicked shoe care tips for your wet shoes.


So how do you actually care for your wet shoes?

When your shoe is drenched, get home and put the shoe out to dry. Using fan, heater or dryer of any kind, but be careful when using heater or dryer to avoid losing the texture of your shoe or damaging it entirely.

A hair dryer can be very effective in such situation, to reduce the wetness of the shoe.

When shoe has fully dried up, apply polish to keep it shiny and to avoid cracks.

Just like you avoid spending much time under the sun, also you can care for your shoe by limiting the number of times you wear a particular shoe type in wet season.

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Shoe types that are made of leather, clothing and other water sensitive materials can be avoided in wet season.

Hint: In cleaning a shoe made of suede, make sure you do not wipe shoe surface with hard materials that affect the suede. A light shoe brush can serve a good purpose for this.

Switch to rubber shoes, boots, water resistant shoes and other type of shoes that are not water sensitive.

These shoe types are easily cleaned and gotten ready for the following day or occasion.

Another known way to take care of the shoe during heavy down pour is to wear shoe covers made of nylon and water resiting materials that protect the shoe material from water.

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