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How To look younger | S*x as an option

Let’s admit it. ‘How to look younger than my actual age’ has been one of your search terms on search engines, or at least, one of the wild thoughts that have crossed your mind, at least once in your lifetime.

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But what we do not know is how to actually get it right and possible.

There are natural ways of looking younger, from the common known daily activities like drinking enough water, having enough rest, eating healthy etc. are all encompassing route that leads to a youthful look.

But one of the ways to look younger, that has been a question is, the bedroom activities, the act of love making,

Experts have claimed that the components of love making and how it relates to the human psychology is in fact what gives us the juvenile look.

So, to answer the question of how to look younger, we have listed few of the components of sex that increases your chances of looking younger than your real age.

Orgasm – Orgasm is a natural anti-depressant. Oxytocin and beta endorphins are some of the substances released while climaxing. These substances aid in repairing our damaged cells which in turn boost our chances of a healthy and youthful look.

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Sex as a short exercise – We all know what exercise does to the immune system, and how it keeps your organs alive, help you sweat out toxins and help you maintain a regular heartbeat. Truth is, a good sex, the one where you and your partner are both active, is good in replacing few minutes you would have spent on the treadmill.

Sex as a mood Booster – People who are in a happy relationship, with a regular time together on the bed, tend to look anew and younger every day. This look doesn’t come directly from the sex but from the genuine happiness that come from true love, and of course, true love that drives your sex appeal.

Sperm – Claims from experts have stated that one of the components of sperm, spermine, can reduce the rate which wrinkle form on the human skin. So many claim to apply sperm once in a while on the face as a facial cleanser, and have noticed a remarkable change on the areas where they think were creasing due to wrinkles.

Some experts claim that the substance spermine is included in some facial creams, for cleansing the face and restoring the child look. Others say that during oral sex, the act of swallowing sperm, which contain a good level of protein, in fact replenishes the dead body cells.

Sex as a relaxant – Let’s face it, after climaxing, that deep sigh out of haven arrived at a peaceful mental destination, and the sudden need for sleep is more relaxing than a cold shower bath on a very hot day. Most couple who are truly in love use sex to escape the mental cage and drowse the stress of the day. If often practiced, you find yourself at peace and refilled.

This can boost your mental strength which ushers in a happy mood, necessary for your entire wellbeing.

There are many more ways, directly or indirectly, on how to reduce aging using sex. You have to find the right mix for you and practice till you no longer look like your mates, but younger.

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