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Is Davido Afropop New Fashion King?

Is Davido Afropop New Fashion King?

The relationship between the fashion industry and Afropop music has never existed as prolifically as it does today. Afropop singers obsession with fame, glamour and materialism has been gloated about in their songs for years, and while they’ve always been a source of inspiration for designers and style-conscious consumers, their role as tastemakers remains unconquered.

Now that the realms of streetwear, a subset of style that bears strong ties with the genre, and high fashion have (more or less) officially merged, the trend climate is perpetually swayed by fashionable emcees and their ever-dynamic sartorial appetite

When you think of prominent Nigerian musicians style icons in modern culture, what names spring to mind? I bet your bottom dollar that WizkidBanky W or Burna Boy were some of the first that popped up (feel free to state otherwise in the comments section if I’m wrong).

These guys are often placed in the “best dressed” category because they’ve, in some capacity, earned high levels of respect from both the music and fashion communities, whether it’s through the success of their own labels, the way they’ve ushered in alternative ways of dress to mainstream audiences or how their effortless “cool” factor and seasoned tastes have permitted lauded style versatility and influence.

But what about Davido?

I’m sure his name swirled around your noggin too, but is O.B.O a bonafide style icon? Well, he’s certainly no foreign object to the fashion world – in fact, he’s tapped into more projects in the industry than most of his contemporary Afropop counterparts. Yet his bombastic clothing choices make him a polarizing figure where style is concerned, leading many to argue whether he’s a brand connoisseur with outré taste or just a top name on a celebrity seeding list who will wear whatever freebie hype gear comes his way.

Before we reach an answer to this debate, let’s first examine all of Davido’s fashion exploits. In 2017 as you may or may not recall, If  collection was released  which resulted as a partnership with Orange Culture.

It’s evident that the award winning singer is a veteran when it comes to fashion-related projects; known for his expensive taste and lifestyle, magazines clearly seem to appreciate his aesthetic enough to book him for campaigns, and cover shoots . But does all of this mean that he’s groomed to be Afropop next fashion king? While I can’t speak for everyone (many of my colleagues think Davido dresses terribly actually), I personally think that Davido’s look is a vibe.

No, he doesn’t need to follow fashion trends, Davido is unapologetically bold about his sartorial pickings and you have to give the guy credit for not giving AF about it (even though few Nigerian musicians do).

He also manages to rock the most coveted pieces by every flavor-of-the-month brand in the business before anyone else – case and point  Gucci or Louis  Vuitton – which some would dub as being a glorified hypebeast (we’re not refuting that by the way.

but O.B.O style zeitgeist awareness (or impressive clothing plugs) make him relevant in a society where virtual hearts, social media followers and hashtag influence are potent factors in maintaining steady popularity in the industry, for better or worse.

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