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Jeff Causes “Gender War” in BBNaija House

Jeff Causes “Gender War” in BBNaija House


Leadership comes with its own challenges and troubles especially when it has to take place in a place where everyone is in competition. The leader of such a complex house as BBNaija house must know how to unite all interests to achieve a common goal or he may risk being evicted. Jeff who is the first leader of the BBNaija 2019 house has been in charge all this while.

As the competition becomes stiffer, members have started taking a critical look at Jeff’s leadership style. Probably, some aggrieved members whose friends were evicted may have some grudges against Jeff. Of course, as leader of the BBNaija house, Jeff can possibly influence the performance of any member.

The eviction of two ladies recently has once more created an impression in the mind of ladies in the house that BBNaija 2019 might just be an all-male show. This assumption however may not be well taken by other ladies in the house who are not ready to accept that it is a mans world but a prepared to pursue their ambition to the end.

When Jeff the leader of the BBNaija house appointed three guys as team lead to handle a task some ladies in the house cried out, accusing him of gender bias.


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The 30 years old banker who resides in Jos and hails from Anambra state Nigeria explained that the nature of the task demands strength which males can handle effectively.

The issue points to the possibility of Jeff seeing more challenges to his authority as the leader of the BBNaija house. If care is not taken, Jeff may be evicted from the house soon because aggrieved members may plot against him.

With the ladies camp down by two, the BBNaija house may run into some kind of “Gender war“. It is not certain what their agitations may cause but one thing is sure, the ladies left in the house will become more cooperative and may enter into frequent clashes with their male folks over gender issues.



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