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A Jumpsuit That Allows You Ease-Of-Pee. Ladies What Do You Say?

A Jumpsuit That Allows You Ease-Of-Pee. Ladies What Do You Say?

It’s a tough call to want to pee when in your lit Jumpsuit. Sometimes you let it slide, hold in the urge and your bladder suffers. Sometimes you do a total outfit removal just so you get the water out the system. Whichever way it deals with you, there is an easy way right now.

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Designers have designed the ease-to-pee jumpsuit that can allow you to excrete the waste out of your system.

These jumpsuits open from the side of your waist down to your thighs, giving open your privates.

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6️⃣ DAYS TO GO! The question I get the most often is ‘how do they work?’ – so I made a little 🎥 Honestly pretty proud of these jumpsuits and can’t wait to see them on other people! #ezpjumpsuit #howto #jumpsuit #greatbum #cheeky

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These innovative wears designed by Henrietta Lawrence are called Leim ezp™ jumpsuit and the 29 year old designer had this to say to Metro

“Being at Glastonbury a few years ago, most of the toilets there aren’t enclosed like Portaloos, you’re open to the elements.

“Try going to the toilet in a jumpsuit, with people peering over the top to see if it’s free and you’re in there naked.

“And then of course there’s the whole winter vs jumpsuit issue – when it’s 0 degrees outside, why would you want to get undressed unnecessarily? Particularly in my office, where the toilet is freezing.”


Last time we captured the innovation around ladies’ high heel shoe that can be converted to a typical flats for any occasion. All you need is to pull the heel material that is attached to the entire body and the once-heeled shoe become a flat.

Such innovations in fashion like a jumpsuit that allows you to ease yourself without having to go naked, go extreme in solving underlying issues in fashion. This new styles that solve these problems give competitive edge to the fashion designers behind the styles and forces others to express their creativity in a  more innovative way.


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