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Just For Laughs. Toheeb Has Cheap Celebrity Outfit For You And We’re Picking 5 Out Of All.

Just For Laughs. Toheeb Has Cheap Celebrity Outfit For You And We’re Picking 5 Out Of All.

We’re winding down and preparing for the weekend with this cheap celebrity outfit from Toheeb. We’re all about fashion, style, dresscodes and outfits and since this crossed our page, we’re bringing it to you just for laughs.

Our number 5 on the list of cheap celebrity outfit is a replication of Kim K’s newspaper skirt and tank top.

“Now the headlines”

Cheap Celebrity Outfit

This design originally was worn by the wife of Kanye West, but parodying the fashion style

, we were hit by a real newspaper skirt.

Cheap Celebrity Outfit

  1. Toke Makinwa’s replication also made it to the list of the cheap celebrity outfit list.

Days ago, Toke styled with a bouquet of flowers on her hair, which gave more colour to her black hair.

Complementing the creativity with a see-through pink gown. Little did she know that she would make the list of replicated styles on IG.

The parody was so spot-on, they had red fruits and green leaves to signify Toke’s bouquet of flower.

Cheap Celebrity Outfit - Toheeb

  1. Attention to details was paid on Yemi Alade’s white oversized sleeve jacket.

The replication was done possibly with a carbon paper but what was outstanding was the perfection in the cut.

Cheap Celebrity Outfit

  1. Linda Ikeji had a goal, to motivate people to want to dress like she did here but she never knew she would be motivating more than needed.

In this cheap celebrity outfit by Toheeb, much attention was paid to the details to the extent that he made do of a jerry can to replicate Linda’s bag.

Our number one pick would have been any other funny combo but we are choosing this particular one with Ifu Ennada.

Cheap Celebrity Outfit - Toheeb x Linda Ikeji

Tooheb had this cheap celebrity outfit on point that he got a real pineapple to represent Ifu’s pineapple designed hair accessory.

There are more to this epic creativity. Tooheb who probably started this with a lot of doubt now has celebrities regramming and sharing the contents on his page.

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