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Kim Oprah Of Big Brother Naija ’19 Serves Happiness Goals In New Pictures.

Kim Oprah Of Big Brother Naija ’19 Serves Happiness Goals In New Pictures.

It can be really hard being kicked out of the Big Brother Naija house as early as Kim Oprah was evicted, but what sustains you is the friendship you have created with your fans who will be willing to invest in you once you have something to offer.

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Kim Oprah, even without having set up a big business now, she is gathering more attention to herself for more endorsements in the future, and her fans are contributing their quota by clicking on the heart button and leaving their appreciations on the Instagram “comment” section of her IG page.

Kim Oprah Of Big Brother Naija

Truly she has been more about herself instead of mourning her eviction, and this is what is expected of her.

So when life throws challenges and dislikes at you, do just like Kim Oprah and throw pictures at everyone.

These are the pictures of the ex Big Brother Naija housemate of her post eviction moments and how they sprinkle “happiness” on us.

Kim Oprah Of Big Brother Naija (2) Kim Oprah Of Big Brother Naija (2)

Our guess on Kim Oprah’s possible next gig

Before Big Brother Naija show, Kim Oprah was a renowned TV personality and red carpet host for shows, so it is safe to say she has herself already established in the media business, so we have this live vision that she will expand her horizon in this area.

A pretty face that will make other women jealous, a body for the right audience and an outstanding personality, she definitely will score more gigs in this area.

Also, Miss Kim Oprah owns an online female clothing store “kim oprahz closet” where most of her outfits come from. There’s a likelihood she will advance her presence in the fashion industry, since she has an existing presence in this area.

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