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Dictionary Time – Ladies Shoe Names And Types.

Dictionary Time – Ladies Shoe Names And Types.

Hey ladies, we have some learning to do. The time of “it looks like a beach high heel shoe… Umm I don’t know the name” is over. The complied list of ladies shoe names will get you started into identifying any type of ladies footwear. Shall we?

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Ladies Shoe Type: Dress Shoe

Dress shoes are basically a name given to shoes that are worn for corporate dresses. They add a touch of tastefulness and a formal look to your entire attire.


Ladies Shoe Names - broques for women


Ladies Shoe Names - ankle boots for women

This fine piece is called an ankle heel shoe because of the position of the straps, which is located exactly at your ankle.

Ladies Shoe Names - ankle strap heels for women

The same applies for this one also. it is identified as high heel strap shoe because of the position of the strap and how  it hugs your ankle when worn.

Ladies Shoe Names - high heel knee boots for women

Another reason why this high heel knee boot is tagged so is because of its built design to reach you knee. So apparently, these shoes are named after a significant design on it, its nature and maybe combined with the material which it is made of.

Ladies Shoe Names - kitten heels for ladies

Now see the same thing similar to what we said earlier, this shoe is identified as a heel kitten, because of the kitten-like size of the heel.

Like, you know that cats are the adult stage of kittens, and kittens are small in size. So then the name.

Ladies Shoe Names - kitten heels for women

Like, you know that cats are the adult stage of kittens, and kittens are small in size. So then the name.Ladies Shoe Names - peep toe heels for women

These babies right here are called ankle boots or ankle booties. When worn, they are very much in contact of the ankle.

Ladies Shoe Names - ankle strap heels for women

Ankle straps because of the position of the straps.

Ladies Shoe Names - pump heels for women

Platform heels (the one that stands out). Platform heels got its name platform from the thickness nature of the material beneath the sole.

Ladies Shoe Names - sling heels for women

Sling back heels – Just take a look at the strap and the way it took a turn towards the the back side of the heels. Not also forgetting the fact that it is a heel shoe. This explains the name sling back heels.

Court Shoes


Ladies Shoe Type: Casual Shoes

Just like the name implies, casual shoes is a ladies shoe name given to shoes that can be worn for an everyday wear. A shoe type that doesn’t need a formal occasion before it could be swung in.

See pictures and name tags for example, and easy identification.


Ladies Shoe Names - wedge sandals for women

Wedge Heels Sandals – This got its name from the 2 areas of its designs. First is the height of the shoe – Heels. Secondly, the nature of the shoe height is a wedge. And thirdly, the straps are of the likes of sandals, which brought in Sandals in the equation.

Lace ups




Wellies (known formally as Wellington boots)

Flip flop



Gladiator sandals


Ladies Shoe Type: Boots

Boots are boots. They are perfect for all weather and occasions. That is if worn right. Most people appreciate boots more in rainy seasons when they can’t help but find their selves out and about even in rainy season.

Find the corresponding pictures of the different types of boots and their names. Ladies Shoe Names continued.

Ankle boots

Ladies Shoe Names - ankle shoes for women

Calf boots

Ladies Shoe Names - calf boot for women

Chelsea boots

Ladies Shoe Names - chelsea boot for women

Military boots

Ladies Shoe Names - military boot for women


These are shoe categories and names of shoes and the perfect occasion for each. Though a shoe can be categorized as perfect for casual dresses, you can combine that with formal dress to cross dress for any occasion.

With their names you should easily identify any of the shoes listed above.

So if ever again we hear you say “it looks like loafers for bathing”, we will send in our fashion police.


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