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Latest Ankara Styles + Guide On How To Rock The Best Designs

Latest Ankara Styles + Guide On How To Rock The Best Designs

With too many occasions and need for fashion show offs out there, the need to blend in and look ulltraposh and kicky is unmatchable. And this need has increased the creativity and styles around fashion and Ankara isn’t left out. And this is why every day, we see latest Ankara styles  and designs on so many fashion blogs and Instagarm pages.

What exactly we call latest Ankara styles is a reformation of an old style, more fringe, layers or Ankara  materialsto reshape and give more life to an already existing style.

But since fashion demands, and fashion lovers are in steady search for latest Ankara styles, we have picked the latest Ankara styles from fashion blogs, Instagram and celebrity Ankara styles, just to inspire your collection and styles.

NB: we will be updating this list with more styles as they hit the top spot on Ankara styles chart, so you can always check back to see our by-the-moment’s most fashionable Ankara styles and designs.

Off Shoulder Ankara Jumpsuit 

Latest Ankara styles


Ladies are tuning in for this off shoulder aso ebi jumpsuit. With colorful bright Ankara materials, this style can go with mostly white, black or red colored strap heels.

Also a drop earrings to give elegance to the off shoulder bare body space.

Check Out More Pictures Of  Jumpsuit And Off Shoulder Styles.

latest ankara styles - ankara jumpsuit short

Off Shoulder Chiffon Ruffle Sleeve Ankara Top/Gown

Latest Ankara styles and designs


Latest ankara style - Chiffon Ruffle Sleeve Ankara Gown


A proof that off shoulder chiffon ruffle sleeve ankara styles took over other styles as one of the much trendy styles of 2019.

You could ditch the conventional gele and introduce a flowery hat or other styles of statement hats for this design. And as earlier advised, a drop earing or hoop earring can enhance the beauty of the off shoulder styles.

Another way to style this new trend is to shift the chiffon away from being a sleeve but using the chiffon to style the pants of your ankara or the gown.

Latest ankara style - Chiffon Ruffle Sleeve Ankara

Latest ankara style - Chiffon Ruffle pants Ankara style

Latest ankara style - Chiffon Ruffle Sleeve Ankara Gown

More Chiffon Ruffled Sleeves With Ankara Materials.

Latest ankara style - Chiffon Ruffle Sleeve Ankara Gown

Latest ankara style - Chiffon Ruffle Sleeve Ankara Top

More Pictures Of Latest Ankara Styles For Ruffle Sleeves.

How well do you love this green, purple and orange colored ankara gown, with sophisticated ruffle sleeves?

Latest ankara style - Chiffon Ruffle Sleeve Ankara Gown

This choice of shoe color is fitting, though we think a white heels would be more pronouncing.

Turtle Neck, Sleeveless Ankara Style.

We love it, and you should also love it.

latest ankara styles - turtle neck latest ankara styles - turtle neck

latest ankara styles - turtle neck

Ankara High Waist Bum Short And Swim Suit For Summer Outings

Latest ankara style - swimsuit and ankara short

There’s definitely no limit of what you can actually do with the Ankara material, and that is why in our episode of the latest Ankara styles, we are featuring this simple but elegant Ankara high waist and swimsuits as Ankara summer wears.

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Puff Sleeves Ankara Design 

Latest ankara style - Chic Ama's style Latest ankara style - Chic Ama's style Latest ankara style - Chic Ama's style

Welcome to Chic Ama’s latest Ankara styles. Watch as she takes over the trend with her puffed up sleeves for this gorgeous Ankara style.

Her skirt acted as a perfect match for the Ankara top. Notwithstanding, a white denim jeans pants or short could also be a good choice.

For corporate styles, you can don this piece and high heel shoes. Every part of the outfit, from shirt, pants and jacket are full representation of what a formal outfit would look like.

latest ankara style - sweat pants or gown

Remember also, that you can have two or more harmonious Ankara materials sewn to get a cool formal outfit.

Check Out These Pictures Below, If You Need Some More Inspiration On How To Style For Work.

latest ankara style - sweat pants or gown

latest ankara style - sweat pants or gownlatest ankara style - sweat pants or gown

Ankara Long Shirt Styles As Our Copybook Recommendation For When Visiting Beau.

Not much to say about this simple but ultrachic Ankara style. The combination of white English material and Ankara material side by side each other, a band collar style and an oversized sleeve to make you look pretty cute.

Low Off Shoulder Blouse Style With Denim

latest ankara style denim

Just the way you have these styles of blouse for ready to wear styles, you can also have your ankara cut styled in this manner.

You could combine this cute outfit with a denim jeans as seen in the picture, a leather mini skirt or white bum shorts.

Strapless Plus Size Ankara Gown With Ruffle Feather Pieces

Mostly bold and unapologetic style dressers who feel comfortable leaving the tits out to only bra pads. If you can, then you can have your ankara styled to mimic this feather-inspired ruffled strapless gown.

Ankara + Chiffon Convertible Blouse, With An Ankara Short

This being one of the latest ankara styles in recent times. You can have your next ankara style designed in this manner, to show off the great body works of yours. And you can choose to keep it together, well tied up by the side or left lose.

Same Ankara Material, Different Designs And Styles.

A Crop Top + Ankara Sweat Pants Or A Mix Of The Cord Lace With Ankara Material For A Ruffle Sleeved Gown

For your ideal Sunday worship outfits, you could don the ruffle sleeved ankara gown with a touch of cord lace, and during the weekends, switch to the same material but this time going for a sweat pants and a crop top.

Whichever way you like your style, some yards of the same ankara material can get this working good for your wardrobe.

Peplum Ankara Dress

Here is just an ordinary full length multi-coloured peplum dress. The reason I want to put this Ankara outfit here is that I want to show you how a normal peplum dress like this is already elegant enough to be worn for a prom or a formal event. All you have to do it to wear the dress with red a pumps  or ankle strap open toe heels and you are ready to steal the show.

Skirt And Blouse Design

Ankara skirt and blouse

Ankara skirt and blouse is something that you can easily incorporate in your office or work outfits. If you do not have some specific office attire, just go on with a classically styled Ankara blouse paired with a skirt (elegant hues for office). To keep up with the decorum of a working place, it is always good to opt for plain or simpler design —especially when you are pulling off a printed/floral  print. It always helps in managing a balanced look. For footwear, pumps or strap sandals are highly recommended.

Flared Ankara Dress

Flared Ankara dress

For a look that’s elegant and totally Vogue-worthy, reach for a fit and flare ankara dress. If you’re on the fence about how to finish off, complete this getup with a pair of tan brown pumps.

Maxi Gown Latest Ankara Styles

Latest Ankara styles

Wear a fit and maxi dress – this look is bound to make every jaw drop and heart stop. A pair of strappy  heels or pumps can integrate nicely within a variety of outfits.

Wide Leg  Ankara Pant

Wide leg Ankara pant

This combination of a fit and wide leg pants and a red sweater is extremely easy to throw together in next to no time, helping you look chic and ready for anything without spending a ton of time digging through your wardrobe. When it comes to shoes, complement your look with a pair of strap sandals or ballerina for a lazy girl look.

Ankara Kimono

Latest Ankara styles

Pair a fit blue pant with a colourful kimono or Ankara blazer if you’re going for a sleek, fashionable outfit. A pair of black transparent pumps is a smart pick to finish your look.

Ankara Top With A Denim Jeans

Latest Ankara styles and designs

For a look that’s classy and absolutely Vogue-worthy, rock a denim jeans and top your look with a stylish Ankara top. Let your sartorial credentials truly shine by complementing this outfit with red straps sandal.

Gorgeous Ankara Dress With Satin Material

Design Design Ankara design

Just the way the ankara material is used with lace and other fabrics to make a great cut, that is the same way you could leave out the lace and use satin to get a great outfit.

For every latest ankara style on this article, you could choose a different ankara material to replicate the style for your own occasion.

And most importantly, you can add more styles to this to help you stand out and remain bold and unique.

Fashion accommodates creativity and that is exactly what you should do at all time. Letting your inner creative mind take over you when trying new styles.


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