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Latest Aso Ebi Styles – A Guide To Choose From The Best

Latest Aso Ebi Styles  – A Guide To Choose From The Best

A Collection Of The Latest Aso Ebi Styles For Any Occasion

Just like there can’t be a great night out without street lights that enhance the beauty of night, that is the same way you can’t have a great traditional occasion without being cut off guard and thrown away by the latest aso ebi styles that meets trend from all angle.

Every weekend, we see different latest aso ebi styles, the type that erases the previous lit aso ebi we had wrapped our mind around. And this trend will remain constant as long as fashion never fades.

To give you the latest trends of aso ebi, we will be picking the best latest aso ebi styles 2019 from everywhere around Instagram, and fashion bloggers who set the pace and trend right + tips on how you can combine, mix-match and style like a boss chic.

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Latest Aso Ebi Styles For Wedding

Latest Aso Ebi styles for wedding

There are so many reasons why people might agree to assemble in aso ebi styles (in uniform), and wedding is one of the many reasons.

But because there are weddings every weekend of the month, people became more creative and more stylish in rocking aso ebi for these occasions.

And this is the simple reason why these group cloth styling thing would continue to evolve, shading off recent styles and new styles making the first row in any occasion.

So to motivate you on what and how to stay trendy in your aso ebi styles, these are the male and female aso ebi styles that are still in vogue.

Latest Aso Ebi Styles For 45+ [Women]

Latest Aso Ebi Styles For 45+ [Women]

Latest Aso Ebi Styles For 45+ [Women]

At this stage, you might not want to leave body parts open beyond what should be, but 45+ isn’t a cage to look 322, like an old wood without green leaves, no. You could remain majestic and in vogue, while you maintain your august looks.

These pictures below show that you can be 45+ and still kick it with the 90s kids.

Latest Men Aso Ebi Styles For WeddingLatest Men Aso Ebi Styles For Wedding

Men hardly want to stay in matching outfits for weddings, but fashion called and demanded they stay admirable, voguish and in style, matching outfits for wedding-like occasions and then the focus got tilted towards men’s aso ebi.

Celebrities Aso Ebi Styles

When I first saw Toke Makinwa at Adesua Etomi and Banky W ‘s wedding in 2017, I realised celebrities nail wedding-guest outfits better than most. True, they might have a bit more money to spend on a look than we do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take inspiration from what they’re wearing. Whether it’s a statement headpiece and a simple dress like Toke’s or something more formal worn by the likes of Stephanie Coker and Mercy Aigbe, there’s always plenty of style advice to glean from the A-list.

Celebrity Aso Ebi styles

#QuickQuestion: which do you think is more stylish and adorable? Velvet, Ankara or Lace aso ebi attires?

How To Choose Aso Ebi For Other Occasions Aside Wedding

Keep it simple. If you are to style for occasions like a child’s dedication, you might want to avoid ruffles, gigantic bow ties that make a big part of the outfit, or multiple layers of materials. The weight of an occasion like a child’s dedication is not to be matched to that of a wedding ceremony.

Latest Ankara Aso Ebi Styles 2019

Do not ever think that aso ebi is only associated with laces of different types, ruffles, gele, hats and weddings alone.


You can rock pretty Ankara dresses in the aso ebi style, but to get the perfect cool of substituting the lace aso ebi for Ankara, you have to let your creative mind out and go above the chart to steal attention with your Ankara.

Latest Ankara Aso Ebi Styles 2019

So for your creative mind, these are the latest Ankara aso ebi styles we found.

Latest Ankara Aso Ebi Styles For Couple

More for fashion and passion sake, you can look stately and elevated with your partner with ankara aso ebi style (if that is what the occasion requires), but the fabric and color has to match and fit in for any gender to avoid feeling off for any of the partners.

 Ankara Aso Ebi Styles For Children

It could be cute and adorable having to rock the same styles with your family for any event, but it might appear daunting and discouraging when you can’t find the perfect style in taste, you could choose your style from our collected pictures.

 Velvet Aso Ebi Styles

Aso Ebi styles

Some years back, the fashion material velvet wasn’t in the foreground of fashion outfits for the affluent. But thanks to fashion for awakening this ravishing material and placing it in the spotlight where it could sit in as important for aso ebi at occasions.

Dear fashionistas, one take home lesson worthy of remembering when striking a deal with your stylist is to not have a full length velvet aso ebi designs.

Velvet Aso Ebi styles

Not like they can’t make good outfits, but they rarely do and you do not want to look forced into an outfit.

The velvet material looks greater when matched with French or cord lace of any color.

For the length of the velvet skirt (if you prefer velvet skirts), you can design for long, short or the side tie styles.

Important Aso Ebi Tips

People fashion their outfits in so many different ways, for so many reasons, but we have gathered these few tips to be our two cent for you when next you might need to have a fashion talk with your stylist.

Ruffle Those Pieces

Ordinarily, people will choose to leave their aso ebi as plain as possible, or go for a lace sleeve, or an uncommon cut, just to give their aso ebi a unique identifiable style. But the rules of fashion has changed, you might be called boring if you do not style in ruffled cloths that gives the outfit an entire unique design.

See picture samples of latest aso-ebi styles with ruffled designs and unique cuts.

Keep It Dark/bright Colors (don’t mix colors that don’t match)

Bright colors give you off easily in a gathering, while shadowy colors pronounces your dark colors, especially if the dark colors are eye-catching.

For whatever the purpose is, let your outfit color match and enhance your body color.

When In Doubt, Choose Red… or Purple Color

Before we go into the purple colored aso ebi style that has been in everyone’s mind, the power of red can’t be overemphasized. How majestic and attractive it can be when it meets any occasion.

You might want to go for a red or purple color for your aso ebi if you ever find yourself second guessing another choice of color for your train.

Purple in other side is taking more attention of fashion lovers, and you can be creative with whichever color you have chosen.

Climb On It

Flats would be cool, yes. But leave that out for boring Mondays at work. Let your heel do the job flats can’t do. Let it compliment your attire and lifts you above mediocre.

Long or short gowns can be cool. Also pants with/without over lapping x

Also, to remark your aso ebi, you could leave out the conventional Gele {which is still in vogue] and style your hair in a more alternative manner like this hair piece inspired by Bow-town design… or a hat inspired by the English hat.

An overflowing gown will always demand for more attention over straight conventional gowns. The overflowing gown gives the impression of a bridal look.

 Aso Ebi Styles – The French Lace Rebranded

The French lace is the type of fabric/lace designed and created in France, using machinery tools as opposed to earlier hand-made versions.

French lace aso ebi styles make the most amazing outfits for high-toned occasions. They come in many colorful and magnificent styles that they took the larger portion of people’s attention.

These below are the most stunning and latest aso ebi styles sewn with French lace.

French lace Aso Ebi styles

The Latest Cord Lace Aso Ebi Styles

Basically, the cord lace is the most popular kind of lace for aso-ebi styles, though it might not be as artistic as the French lace, but it makes outfits that come pretty easy on the eyes.

The Latest Cord Lace Aso Ebi Styles

Cord lace aso ebi designs are most seen in all occasions, and we didn’t spend much time finding the most beautiful pictures to represent them.

The Latest Short Gown Aso Ebi Styles

Where the reason for the gathering isn’t for groom and bride union’s sake, but for a simple gathering like a child’s dedication, you could dress in lesser dramatic aso ebi gown, leaving out most cuts that scream “wedding”.

But you shouldn’t go for simpler boring look. Rather, pick short gown styles like this.

Short Asoebi 3

The short aso ebi gowns gives you that wonderful, not-too-found moments to place your shoes on the fashion shelf, and make your alluring legs much more visible to eyes.

What Color? Silver Or Gold Color Aso Ebi Styles

Choosing your most preferred color for your occasion is best done in a matching way. The color of the day and what looks energetic and full of glam on you.

Gold color aso ebi has been in style for quite a while, but not withstanding, gold is bold, and because of this, golden color latest aso-ebi styles are still tasteful.

These Are The Latest Aso-Ebi Styles For Red Or Purple Color Lovers

Red Asoebi

Red Asoebi styles

Accessories For Your Aso Ebi Styles

Accessories are enhancers to beauty. They make a part of the entire fashion and they play a vital role in adding a layer of beauty to your general outfits.

Accessories are the same across all fashion board, but for aso ebi, and the kind of material involved, there must be careful selection of the corresponding accessories to follow your unique look.

Earrings And Necklaces

Mostly, the earrings that perfectly bring out the beauty in any aso ebi is the beaded statement neck pieces. Always go for the right perfect-fitting earrings.

Most earrings and necklaces in this circle are intentionally made to match the entire outfit, and you should keep it that way if you have one


These are another set of fashion enhancers that can look stunning in any aso ebi outfit. Some of them come as beaded while some come in silver or Gold colored bracelets, either way, do not leave your arm naked, a bracelet that match your outfit is fine.


Very essential. But because aso ebi cannot be accessorized with mediocre assembles, you have to keep it classier.

Check out these elegant looking bags for ideas on the most recent trend for aso ebi outfits.


Practically, any good footwear can go. Just like every other accessories. But you might want to wear heels, those ankle clutching heels, or those tasteful strappy heels…

Remember, what is worth doing is worth doing well. If you ever have to wear aso ebi for occasions, finish the eye tasteful outfit with statement accessories.

Every Other Essential Accessory

There are other accessories you can throw in just to keep your whole aso ebi fashion game 10/10, unapologetically. For instance, there is a trend of fancy hand fans ranging from Vintage Brazilian Needle Lace. Some are sequin embroiled while some are made out of feather tails of beautiful animals like the peacock.

These hand fans look pretty and most importantly, trendy for any aso ebi outfit. Just pick materials and colors that don’t contradict your general outfit.


Fashion is basically what you make out from what fits you perfectly. Notwithstanding, you need to understand the elements that come together to form “latest” and why those elements play an important role in appealing to the eyes.

For instance, the side cut style has been on the trend chart of aso ebi lovers. And also the off shoulder breast cut style has been lately considered voguish and pretty perfect.

Aside this, you could be shooting up for “boring” when you grace occasions.


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