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Lets talk Cameroon Fashion. Have you ever heard of the Toghu?

Lets talk Cameroon Fashion. Have you ever heard of the Toghu?

Cameroon is known for its rich cultural diversity and heritage that is reflected by the dressing of its people. Home to a variety of traditional outfits, the Toghu is one of the most popular Cameroon Fashion wears. the Toghu is the traditional outfit of the people of the North West and West Regions of the country.

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The dress which was traditionally won by royals  in the history is made of a heavy velvet material tailored according to various patterns for both men and women. Distinguishable on the Toghu are the markings of various shapes and colours done mostly with the hand using very colourful thread. The task of marking the Toghu pays so much attention to detail that it is considered an art.

The Toghu has become very popular over the years and worldwide. The Cameroonian olympic team wore the designs to the olympic games in 2012 which increased its popularity. Other Cameroonians have been selling the design all over the world at various artistic and cultural events.

This piece of Cameroonian Fashion which was mostly won for traditional events like cultural dances and weddings has since evolved to a more modern and fashionable feel. Today various designs have been developed  and the dress can be worn to almost anywhere. To work , to church to a wedding or even a party.

The toghu is usually worn with this beads, peculiar to the people of the north west region. The beads have beautiful designs in blue, pink, white and other colours. But the look can also be accessorised with other types of beads like the orange beads or normal jewelry.


A recent trend has developed with the Toghu being used for sweaters, shoes and bags, earrings, case covers and many more. If you have never rocked the toghu before, maybe it is time to try them out. You can never go wrong with the Toghu.

Lets talk Cameroon Fashion. Have you ever heard of the Toghu?


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