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Linda Ikeji Boss Chic Outfits Are More Than You Need For Career Goals

Linda Ikeji Boss Chic Outfits Are More Than You Need For Career Goals

On a scale of 10 to 10, how desperate and willing are you to spend some time in the wardrobe of the business mogul Linda Ikeji while trying and bagging some of her boss chic outfits?

Well, Linda Ikeji is a full plug with extra volt sparks when you need an inspiration of what a boss chic should look like, all round the days of the week. And so, to help you live by her fashion code, we will be looking at her outfits and how they fit in for everyday of the week, and how you too can replicate the style.

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Firstly, Linda Ikeji is an established household name in the media business. Running one of the most successful blogs in Africa and owning other media houses including one of her most successful media house, the LItv (Linda Ikeji TV).

With her profile in business and being featured on high profile business sites like Forbes, this explains why she has more work/career outfits than she has street wears.

So for your inspiration, these are the week-perfect outfits from her closet and how you can snatch an idea from them.

For your Mondays, trying as much as possible to leave out anything street wear in your Monday outfit, you could look heavenly and ready with outfit like this orange colored jacket and a dark black pencil shaped pants.

Linda Ikeji

You could switch colors of jackets and pants as much as it suits you, just pay attention to what works for you.

See More Pictures Of The Perfect Monday Attires From Linda Ikeji Closet

linda Ikeji linda Ikeji linda Ikeji

These pictures sit right on the top workday of the week because of how Mondays represent “formal”. So if you must let your creativity styles out, go with similar attires that pronounce formal and Monday.

For your Tuesday work outfit, Linda Ikeji is suggesting you can still keep the work work mood up with this kimono blue gown.

This attire can go with flats if you don’t feel like heels, or you could have it rocked with high heels for that corporate meeting on Tuesday mornings.

More pictures of early week outfits for corporate jobs.


This white T shirt and ash colored boot cut pants or this below the knee level ash gown will never be a bad choice for a Tuesdays at work.

The idea is to keep the work spirit up and burning, and at the same time, look eye-catching.

From Wednesdays, you can start to tone the work urge and outfit down to outfits that help you relax and have a feeling of mid-week, and a weekend to come.

linda Ikeji

This is exactly when to break fashion-work codes and introduce street styles into your work outfits.

A jean to remind you that you’re headed to the weekend, blazers to keep you in check about your formal place of work.

Thursdays and Friday, a complete street style can take over all the formal outfits that pointed you towards official round table meetings.

Depending on your work place’s code, you can entirely leave out ripped jeans or, or not.

Below are some other Linda Ikeji outfits that can be worn towards the weekend, just to relax and let your hair down for Friday night outs with colleagues and your partner.

linda Ikeji

There are more to how you can schedule and rock your outfit for every workday of the week, but mostly for corporate organizations, Linda Ikeji has schooled us all on how to blend every work day with the right outfit.

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