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5 Men Fashion Items That Are Worth The Splurge

5 Men Fashion Items That Are Worth The Splurge

Spending above $500 on men fashion items might seem extravagant and all, giving that you can spend that high amount in a lot of items and still smile home with a lot of balance for keeps. But what if the item is worth more than gold, and can only redefine your social position? Then the need to be a little extravagant might occur.

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This Is The List Of 5 Men Fashion Items That You Should Really Spend Quality Money On Due To Its Social Carriage And Need For A High Status (If You Care).

men fashion items

How about I tell you that you can spend more than $200 for just a lapel pin? Men fashion items aren’t known to be this expensive, or at least, not this expensive for just an item that can be done without. But yes, class requires cash, and this might come in as needful if you must look classy. Not cheaply classy.


Panthère de Cartier cufflinks (€22,400)

men fashion items

Beyoncé once referred to a VVF cufflinks in one of her collaborations with her billionaire husband Jay z. now we’re talking the talk (while they rock the rock).

I bet you will never let a cufflink this fine pass you by if you have that money to spend. Now this is one of the men fashion items to have, not minding how depressed it might leave your pocket.

$185 for just neck tie, men can you beat that?

men fashion items

Expensive men fashion item number 3 got us thinking, “$185 for just fabric?”… well, when designers spend quality time building a brand to a world class position, you have to contribute not only for what you are being giving, but the sweat and tears that has gone down in making the brand a statement.

It can only be from a designer that such men fashion items cost this much.

men fashion items

The question “What accessories should a man have? can come with a lot of answers, but be quite certain that most of the answers cannot come as cheap.

It was purposeful of us to leave the last two numbers for the men fashion items that are really worth the splurge.

A $3,500 Louis V belt shouldn’t be what you think twice in spending money on. Look at the brighter side of it, you will be propelled into high status if you rock a belt this costly. Head will definitely turn and handshakes would follow suit.

men fashion items

Tissot Ballade Powermatic 80 for $925. Time has changed people. It is becoming more and more expensive. But is it worth your hard earned money?

If you must look classy and earn the respect of those at the high side of the social ladder, you must spend real money on things you wear.

A wrap

Our list of men fashion items including but not limited to these is to shed light on really great items that can define a classy man for what it’s worth. Spending money on items you love, and items that has the potentiality of lasting for a longer while isn’t a bad choice for any day.

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